All Souls Day 2016

All Souls Day is on November 2, just subsequent to the All Saint's Day and is an official public holiday of the Catholic Calendar. It is a Roman Catholic day of tribute for friends and loved ones who have gone for their heavenly abode. All Souls Day has its extraction in the early Pagan Festival of the Dead, based on the pagan faith that the souls of the dead would come back for a meal with the family. Candles kept in the window direct the souls back home and a different place was set at the bench. Children came asking for food to be presented emblematically to the dead, but then dispersed them amongst the hungry.

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All Souls Day is also recognized as the Feast of All Souls, tribute of all the Faithful Departed

Catholics consider that persons who die are not straight away qualified for the beatific vision that is the authenticity and decency of God and heaven and need to be wash out of their sins. The Catholic Church calls this refinement of the elect "purgatory." The Catholic church uphold that

(a) there will be a distillation of the believers preceding to entering heaven and,
(b) the prayers and masses of the authentic help those in the state of distillation.

In All Souls Day the friends and relatives of the departed souls pray and offer funeral hymn masses. There are three Requiem Masses that are said by the clergy to help the souls from Purgatory to Heaven: one for the chief priest, one in favor of the departed, and one intended for the pope. While the Feast of All Saints is a day to memorize the magnificence of Heaven and those there, the Feast of All Souls reminds us of our responsibility to live lives on the holy path and that there will be distillation of the souls of those fated for Heaven. A candle will be placed for all departed soul, and they are decorated in some manner. Anger is also often used, and memento, photos, and other remembrances of the dead.

It is also habitual of playing Don Juan Tenorio in various locations to see. Paper mache and sugar skulls are trendy, as are cardboard coffins from which a carcass can be made to leap out. Unusual masks are also worn, permitting a person to attain a facial look for which they believe they are lacking to achieve.

Primarily and fore mostly, the Days of the Dead is a time when the families lovingly remember the deceased. But it is also a time noticeable by celebrations, including stunning parades of skeletons and ghosts. In one prominent tradition, revelers lead a mock funeral march with a live person within a sarcophagus.


The Feast of All Souls has its commencement to seventh century monks who determined to offer the mass on the day after Pentecost for their dead community members. Nevertheless, the choice of the date (Nov 2) for All Souls Day is credited to St. Odilo, the fifth abbot of Cluny (city of France famous for the Abby), since he wanted to pursue the illustration of Cluny in offering special prayers and singing the Office of the Dead on the day subsequent to the banquet of All Saints.

The current view of death is obtained in part from Pre-Hispanic times. The Aztecs played a very significant role in the expansion of this custom. Through their record, this festival came out as one with a lot of details and with a varied understanding to it. According to the Aztec beliefs, after a person's loss his soul would go by nine stages before they reached Mictlan - the place of the dead. The Aztecs also supposed that a person's fate was established at birth and that the spirit of that human being actually depends upon the kind of death rather than the kind of life they lead. The type of a person's death would also decide what region they would go to. Once they arrived to their exact region, a person's soul would either wait for the alteration or remain, awaiting the next fate.

All Souls Day 2016