World Post Day 2015

World Post Day 2015 theme is "Tell us about the world you want to grow up in" and 2014 theme is "Write a letter describing how music can touch lives."

On 9th October, the World Post Day is celebrated to mark anniversary of establishment of Universal Postal Union. It is the foremost forum for the cooperation among the postal services and the helps for ensuring a really worldwide network of the latest services and products. South Africa is the member of the Universal Postal Union.

South Africa is gearing for 24th Universal Postal Union Congress that takes place in Nairobi in Kenya from August 13 to September 3rd 2008. It was decided that Kenya will host the status at 23rd congress which was organized in the Romania in Bucharest in the year 2004. It was said that the Kenya will be the venue whereas Africa will take pride for hosting key forum for 2nd time in the entire continent. Egypt was the last African nation which hosts the Universal Postal Union Congress in the year 1934.

2014 World Post Day theme

The UPU was established in the Berne on 9th October, 1874. The main objective of union was to maintain and create the structure for open flows of the worldwide mail around world. In many of the global countries and organizations, the ministers or the high ranking officials issue the proclamations or make their speech on achievements or the history of the international or national postal services. The postal services may issue the unique postal stamps to commemorate the history, achievements or the ideals of national postal service on the World Post Day. All these are respected by the philatelists and stamp collectors. Further to it, unusual education on these topics can be prepared for school children and postal services. Also the employees can receive the extra training or the attention and recognition in media.

The UPU in the cooperation with the UNESCO for last 35 years organized the global competition of the letter-writing for the young people. Most of the participating postal services use this special day to award the prizes to competition winners. World Post Day is not the public holiday therefore public is entirely not affected by it.

From earlier times, the postal services are existed in form of messengers that traveled huge distances on horseback or foot. In the year 1600s and 1700s, the large number of the countries placed up the system of the national postage and also entered in two- sided agreements for exchange of mails among countries. By the end of the year 1800, there was the huge web of the two- sided agreement which made distribution of the global mail complicated, inefficient and nontransparent.

Montgomery Blair, in the year 1863, Postmaster General in USA, prepared the conference of the legislature from 15 American and European countries.

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