World Egg Day 2015

World Egg Day 2015 theme is "Falling in love with Eggs"

10th October is celebrated as World Egg Day. This day consists huge to enjoy and certainly we can enjoy it, in any kind of language. The consumption of Egg is increasing steadily. The latest figures display the increment from the 233.5 per capita utilized eggs in the year 1991 to the estimated 261 per capita eggs consumed in the year 2002. These figures continue to rise as the good reports about the eggs reaches the consumers.

Eggs consist of the large which they can offer. The American Council of the Health and Science in the month of August said that the refraining from the eggs is truly imprudent. Refraining means that the consumers are missing all the positive aspects of the eggs as adding the variety to diet, their elevated nutrient value, their convenience, usefulness of the eggs in the recipes and low cost of the eggs.

Egg consists of the zeaxanthin, lutein and carotenoids which is said to decrease risk of the macular degeneration related to age. Eggs are also known as the outstanding source of the choline. It is the most indispensable nutrient, which is very much necessary for the proper development of the brain in newborn and fetus and can also play the part in the memory function although our lives.

world Egg Day

The eggs not only have enormous quantity of the nutritional value but eggs are also tremendously economical. Serving of one egg is near about 16 cents. The director of the Consumer affairs for the Iowa, Holly Sorge, says that the eggs are such the bargain. You can nourish your family and your self an allocation of the delicious and nutritious eggs for the pennies. It will also make you to have the good feeling that you are able to serve up your family with a hot- home- cooked food in only few minutes.

In attempt to eat the nutritionally, easily and affordably during the World Egg Day, just try to incorporate some of the eggs in your coming meal. There are some of the ways by which we can make World Egg Day a success. Some of the ways to celebrate the World Egg Day is mentioned as below:

  • The first among them is to incorporate some of the eggs in your meal. You can eat them either in breakfast, lunch or in dinner.
  • Learn more information about advantages of the eggs for our health
  • Organize the debate with the question that who came first an egg or the chicken?
  • Send the egg card to the family and friends
  • Organize the contest of the egg throwing. It is a very huge sport in the Great Britain

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