White Cane Safety Day 2014

White cane safety day is celebrated on 15th October and it is the informal holiday in United States. White Cane Safety Day is celebrated since from the year 1964. White Cane Safety Day celebrate achievement of individual who are visually or blind impaired and the significant tool of independence and symbol of the blindness, white cane. On 6th October, 1964 the mutual resolution of United Congress, 753 HR was signed in law. This was the resolution which certified President of US to proclaim 15th October of every year as the White Cane Safety Day. Lyndon B. Johnson who was the president signed first proclamation of the White Cane Safety Day after the mutual resolution.

White Cane Safety Day is principally unfamiliar to general public. White Cane Safety Day is observed on 15th October every year and is the day of the very unique significance for the visually and blind impaired Americans as it displays the declaration of independence. White Cane Safety Day also signifies the commitment by sighted community for improving the access to the basic services for the visually and blind impaired persons.

White cane is accepted as the tool of the freedom which enables visually and blind impaired to contribute in facets of regular life. The interior principles of the country promises the justice, hope and freedom and all these principles guarantee the chances for each disabled American in surviving the productive and full lives. The novel millennium has brought with it the transformed pledge for ensuring that none of the citizen is prohibited from realizing American dreams due to the disability.

The large number of the visually and blind impaired citizens, including the well recognized writers and musicians, has made the positive and the chief contribution in US. The large number of the people has also used the white cane for helping them and also to get the success at work environment, homes and at educational institutions. The first law which was passed in the year 1930 for the visually or the blind person was to have the right to travel independently with the help of white cane.

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