United Nations Day 2016

United Nations Day was proclaimed by United Nations General Assembly in the year 1948. United Nations Day is celebrated on 24th October every year. This is the United Nations Day which is dedicated for making known to the citizens of entire world about the achievements and the aims of UNO. United Nations Day is also the part of United Nations Week, that is organized from 20th – 24th October.

Traditionally United Nations Day is marked in the entire world with discussions, meetings and also displays the goals and achievements of organization. General Assembly in the year 1971, recommended that the Member State view United Nations Day as the public holiday. Many international schools all through world also celebrate diversity of their student on this very special United Nations Day. The celebrations on United Nations Day very special day consists the show of the artistic performances in evening and also contains the food fair, where you will find the food that is available from the entire world.

The anniversary of entry in force of United Nations Charter is celebrated as United Nations Day from the year 1948. United Nations Day is not exclusively American Holiday but is also celebrated by all the people who were helpful in creating United Nations. The United Nations General Assembly established this day as the holiday in the year 1948. The date which was placed for holiday is 24th October, which is also the day of the United Nations Charter that was adopted in the year 1945.

United Nations Day is only the event which takes place at the time of the United Nations Week that is organized every year from 20th October to 24th October. United Nations Day is not only the holiday for celebrating starting of UNO, but the main purpose is to uphold that for what is United Nations stands for; security, human rights, world peace, economical and international development and social progress. In US, president of the country issue the proclamation every year for this day since from the year 1946, whereas in Kosovo, this special day is the executive holiday as region is administered by the UNMIK.

United Nations Day is the international observance for marking anniversary of founding of US on 24th October, 1945. After some months in the same year, representatives of 50 nations gather in the San Francisco for providing final touch on document of extensive- reaching result- United Nations Charter. 24th October marks as the date when adequate numbers of the ratifications are obtained for launching novel United Nations publicly. The novel worldwide institution has emerged the destruction and chaos pf 2nd World War for saving the subsequent generation from afflict of the war- to repeat the faith in the primary human rights- for promoting the social progress and also enhancing the life standards in better freedoms.

United Nations Day 2016