Scott Weiland Birthday (October 27th)

Scott Weiland Birthday (October 27th)

Scott Weiland an American lyricist, vocalist and musician was born on 27th October, 1967 in Santa Cruz, California. Scott Weiland is famous for his occupation with valued American rock band Stone Temple Pilots, and for his four-year vocation with Velvet Revolver. And after five years gap, STP reunion tour began at Rock on the Range fiesta in the month of May 2008. Scott Weiland is front man of Grammy Award winning super group Velvet Revolver for the period of his instance away from the STP, but contributed ways with band on 1st April, 2008. Scott Weiland gash from the Velvet Revolver directed to his exodus from the side-project band Camp Freddy. Scott Weiland second solo album, Happy In Galoshes, will be unconfined on 25th November, 2008.

Scott Weiland was a lead vocalist of the admired rock band Stone Temple Pilots during 1990s and early 2000s. Currently Scott Weiland is a lead vocalist of the Velvet Revolver.

Scott Weiland is famous for his flashy and vigorous onstage personality and for continually altering his look and verbal style.

Biography of Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland Early Years

Scott Weiland last name was altered after being assumed through his step father David Weiland at the age of five. At that time, Scott Weiland shifted to Chagrin Falls, Ohio, where Weiland joined the Kenston School District. After some time Scott Weiland returned to California as a youngster and joined Edison High School in Huntington Beach.

Scott Weiland Career Graph

Stone Temple Pilots (Late 1980s-1997)

Scott Weiland wrote the lyrics of band and performed the lead vocals. And in the year of 1992, they unconfined their primary album, "Core", and also their earliest hit, 'Sex Type Thing' which became the most commercial flourishing bands of grunge movement, and the melody genre that was spawned out of Seattle in late 80s and also became the rock’s vital movement of early-mid 1990s. And the band was commonly charged of copying bands for instance Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains in an effort to currency in on scene’s growing popularity.

In the year of 1994, Scott Weiland wedded with Janina Castaneda. STP unconfined their second one album, “Purple”, which observed the expansion of more unique identity for a band. As the same time as a clear persistence of their preceding sound, and the album attributed fewer shady 'grunge' tracks. It had a blend of bossa Nova, Punk and also acoustic songs.

In the year of 1995, Scott Weiland was trapped and condemning of purchasing crack cocaine. Weiland was sentenced for one year probation. Drug matter didn’t clarify after his condemnation. Scott Weiland alleged that Scott Weiland turned into an inn with the Courtney Love.

"12 Bar Blues"

With Scott Weiland position in the group unpredictable and certain, STP went on gap. And the additional members of the group formed the assembly Talk Show with a lead vocalist Dave Coutts. Meanwhile, Scott Weiland assumed a neutral appearance and unconfined a single album in the year of 1998 named "12 Bar Blues". Scott Weiland wrote several songs of this album, and worked together with various artists, particularly Jeff Nolan, Sheryl Crow and Daniel Lanais. And the album was the commercial failure although it handled to attain some commendation. At that time, Scott Weiland was trapped in Manhattan retailing heroin, completing his concise tour. A prior assurance in Los Angeles, joined with several infringements, and earned Weiland jail time.

The invariable relapses were above for his wedding, and Castaneda filed for the divorce.

Back with STP (1999-2003)

Scott Weiland rejoined Stone Temple Pilots. Later than, Scott Weiland wedded with Mary Forsberg, and they have two kids, Lucy and Noah.

In the year of 1999, the band released “No.4”. And the album holds the smack single ‘Sour Girl’ which attributed a weird and strange music video with the Sarah Michelle Gellar.

In the month of November of 2001, Scott Weiland was called to execute on the show VH1 narrators with enduring members of The Doors. Scott Weiland did lyrics on the two Doors songs, 'Five To One’ and 'Break on Through (To the Other Side)'.

During 2001, Scott Weiland was detained on the domestic brutality charges in Las Vegas; it seems that for pushing Forsberg. On the other hand, charges were finally postponed leading the couple approving for counseling. But after some time, Forsberg gave him divorce but couple ultimately reconciled. And his career captured a hit, with a dispute between Dean De Leo and Scott Weiland on the last gig of STP’s “Shangri-La Dee Da" trip, showing the way to the band’s bureaucrat termination with greatly speculation nearby Scott Weiland’s incapability to balance private issues.

Velvet Revolver (2003-present)

Later than, the fragment of STP, Scott Weiland was under arrest on his birthday on 27th October, 2003 in Hollywood, California because of traffic accident. Scott Weiland was charged with the driving under influence of alcohol and drugs. His accuses were finally released.

Velvet Revolver's debut album "Contraband" was out in the month of June of 2004 to achieve success. And it presented at the Number One on Billboard 200 and also has sold approximately 3 million copies global to date. The album’s songs, Fall to Pieces’, and ‘Slither’, reached the number one on Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. And the song ‘Slither’ won the Grammy Award for the Best Hard Rock Performance with Vocal in the year of 2005.

And the group unconfined their second one album, “Liberated”, on 3rd July, 2007. During first week, it sold about 100,000 copies and till September, 2007 it has sold above 230,000 copies.

Private Life of Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland is wedded with Janina Castaneda on 17th September, 1994. They separated in 2000. Then Scott Weiland wedded with a model Mary Forsberg on 20th May, 2000. And they have two kids, Lucy and Noah.

Scott Weiland suffers from the bipolar disorder, however along with a conference with Scott Weiland had a friendship with Courtney Love around 1998. They confessed that they took drugs together.

Scott Weiland sang a lot of solo songs, with "Interstate Love Song" and a wrap of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here."

Scott Weiland younger brother Michael expired because of drug overdose. And The Velvet Revolver songs "For a Brother" and "Pills, Demons, & Etc" from album Libertad are simply about Michael.