National Coming Out Day 2015

National Coming out Day is a worldwide- observed civil alertness day to come out and discuss about gay, bisexual, transgender and lesbian issues. The National Coming out day is celebrated on 11th October by LGBT community’s members and by their supporters which are often termed as allies.

It is extremely positive for the participantson National Coming out Day to wear the symbols of the gay pride as black triangle by gay females and pink triangle by gay males, Greek letterlambda and the rainbows on clothing and jewellery. National Coming out Day was founded in the year 1988 by Jean O’Leary and Dr. Robert Eichberg. The eventson the National Coming out Day are meant at increasing the awareness of LGBT community among universal population in the effort to provide the memorable face to movement of LGBT rights.

The Human Rights Campaign in United States manages event under project of National Coming out, which offers the resources to the LGBT couples, children, individual and parents and also to the straight relatives and friends for promoting the alertness of LGBT families that are living open and honest lives. Candace Gingrich became spokesperson for day in year 1995.

National Coming out Day was not observed on the year 2001 in US as this day occurred on the 1 month anniversary of 11th September terrorist attacks. In spite its name, this day is observed in numerous countries including Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland. As of the year 2008, the Netherlands also has this very special day on 10-11. The main purpose of celebrating the National Coming out Day and March is to encourage government and the public awareness of the bisexual, gay, transgender and gay rights and also to celebrate the homosexuality. National Coming out Day is the very special day to display publicly the pride of the guy. The large number of the people selects this day to come to their friends, co- workers and parents.

Now the questionarises that what does the come out means? Well coming out is procedureof individually accepting the homosexuality and also disclosing it to the family, friends and co- workers. Coming out is very different for every bisexual person or guy. Some of the persons experience the lot of anguish and pain whereas other accepts it as the joyous time. It is completely normal to experience the doubt, anger, loneliness, depression and even fear. Just try to enclose you with the others who are going from same transition or the persons that have came out.

National Coming Out Day 2015