Michael W. Smith Birthday (October 7th)

Michael W. Smith Birthday (October 7th)

Michael Whitaker Smith (Michael W. Smith ) an American songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist and singer was born on 7th October, 1957 in Kenova, West Virginia. Michael W. Smith has become the most admired artist in the Contemporary Christian Music World.

Biography of Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith Early Life

Michael Whitaker Smith grew up with a love of harmony throughout his church. At very early age, Michael W. Smith joined the classes of piano and sang in his church singing group. When Michael W. Smith was thirteen years old, Michael W. Smith had “a powerful spiritual skill” that directed him to become a pious Christian. "I wore this big cross around my neck," Michael W. Smith would evoke, "It was very real to me." And then Michael W. Smith involved in the Bible study and got an assembly of adult friends who divided up his pledge to the Jesus Christ. And these years were very precious for Smith. After some time his all Christian friends went away from the college, Michael W. Smith began to conflict with the feelings of alienation and loneliness. After completing his graduation, Michael W. Smith dropped toward drugs and alcohol. Then Michael W. Smith joined Marshall University for completing some semesters while expanding his songwriting experience. Michael W. Smith played with several local bands in the region of Huntington, West Virginia. For the period of that time, his companion Shane Keister, who labored as an assembly musician in Nashville. Keister supported Michael to shift to the State Music center and follow the career in melody.

Michael W. Smith Career Graph

In 1978, Michael W. Smith shifted to Nashville to pursue his vision, but it was not easy for him. Michael W. Smith got a job as the landscaper to sustain himself. Smith played with numerous local bands in Nashville club sight. In November 1979, Michael W. Smith suffered a crash that showed the way to his recommitment to the Jesus Christ. After that, Michael W. Smith auditioned for the latest CCM group, Higher Ground, as the keyboardist and found the job.

In the year of 1981, Michael W. Smith was assigned as an author to Meadow green Music, where Michael W. Smith collected several highly flourishing gospel hits enclosure for artists like Bill Gaither, Amy Grant, Kathy Troccoli and Sandi Patty. The next year, Michael W. Smith started touring as the keyboardist for Grant on her era to era tour. And Michael W. Smith recorded his initial Grammy nominated single album: The Michael W. Smith Project and in 1983, on Reunion Records label. After some time his second album was released in 1984, Michael W. Smith was headlining his private tours. In the year of 1986, Michael W. Smith released the significantly acclaimed rock album The Big Picture, with famous record creator Johnny Potoker (Genesis, No Doubt, Madonna, Talking Heads and Brian Eno etc).

Afterwards, Michael W. Smith altered his music directions and started recording with rock-oriented melody with the aim to arrive at the younger viewers. Consequently, some of the best songs became more worldly and started breaking throughout to the mainstream viewers. Michael W. Smith primary original shot at mainstream melody came in 1991when his reunion records, his label, permitted Geffen records to deal out his albums.

In excess of his career, Michael W. Smith has achieved both Grammy and Dove Awards, has apexes Billboard charts. Michael W. Smith has been summoned by the keyboard magazine as the apex keyboardists in the rock.

In the year of 1990, Michael W. Smith released the Go West Young Man, which became his initial mainstream effort, consists of mainstream crossover hit “Place in This World”, which pointed at #6 on Billboard Hot 100. And this album was pursued through 1992’s Change Your World and 1995's I'll Lead You Home, and 1998's Live the Life.

Almost all of his albums have one active track, and in 2000, Michael W. Smith recorded his initial whole instrumental album, Freedom. The next year, Michael W. Smith released an entire commend and worship album, which is called Worship. The album was pursued by a continuation, Worship Again in 2002. Equally albums were verified live in concert. And finally Smith achieved the Vocalist of the year award at GMA Music Awards in the year of 2003.

Michael W. Smith album, Healing Rain, was released in the year of 2004. It debuted at #11 on Billboard Hot 200 Chart. And the title trail rose to #1 on Radio &Records Charts and a melody video for song was out. And the album was selected for Grammy Award for Best Pop/ Contemporary Gospel Album, mingles the pop way of his last recordings with worship and commend feel of his 2 releases in that genus. A latest album, Stand, was out in November, 2006.

Personal Quote

  • “This is your time
  • This is your dance
  • Live every moment
  • Leave nothing to chance
  • Swim in the sea
  • Drink of the deep
  • Embrace the mystery of all you can be
  • This is your time.”