Michael Landon Birthday (October 31st)

Michael Landon Birthday (October 31st)

Biography of Michael Landon

Michael Landon Early Life

Michael Landon an American Actor was born on 31st October 1936 in Eugene Maurice Orowitz, Forest Hills in New York. Michael Landon was also writer, director and producer. Michael Landon father’s name was Eli Maurice Orowitz who was a Jewish American Actor. Michael Landon’s mother name was Kathleen Ignatius O’Neill. She was an Irish American Roman Catholic comedienne and dancer. Michael Landon sister’s name was Evelyn who was older than him. Michael was also an athlete (Javelin thrower). Michael Landon has won the Scholarship for his University of Southern California. Michael Landon was first married in March 1956 to Dodie Levy-Fraser and finally divorced her in December 1962. Second time Michael Landon married in January 12 to Marjorie Lynn Noe and divorced her in 1982. Thirdly and lastly Michael Landon married to Cindy Clerico in February 14 1983.

Michael Landon Career graph

Michael Landon changed his name to Landon and became a young actor of late 1950s. Michael Landon is also known as Mike Landon. Michael Landon first appeared in The Mystery of Casper Hauser. Producer Herman Cohen discovered Landon in 1957 and cast the young man in Werewolf. In 1959, when Michael Landon was 22 years old, Michael Landon starred in first TV series broadcast in color, as Little Joe Cartwright on Bonanza. Michael Landon also starred on the show – namely Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts and Dan Blocker. Michael Landon wrote his first script in 1962. In 1968, Michael Landon directed his first episode. Michael Landon also worked as executive producer of Little House on the Prairie. Michael Landon was the writer and director of Little House on the Prairie , which make him a inspiration in Hollywood. Some more names are US (1991), Where Pigeons Go to Die (1990) This became his second longest series. After continuous success Michael Landon produced `On highway to Heaven’. Michael Landon produced all three series – Bonanza, Little House & Highway to Heaven for NBC.


At the age of 22, Michael Landon had his initial starring television role as the Little Joe Cartwright on Bonanza. Michael Landon had also starred on the show were Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts, and Lorne Greene. Michael Landon role was the green, overconfident youngest Cartwright brother. And the role changed into a "ladies' man. Throughout Bonanza’s 6th season, the show apexed the Nielsen Ratings and stayed number one position for 3 years. Michael Landon, a southpaw, performed his stunts. In the year of 1962, Landon wrote his former play. In 1968, Landon cast his initial episode. And in 1993, TV Guide programmed Little Joe's September 1972 marriage ceremony episode ("Forever"), as TV's most tremendous specials. Michael Landon script warmly recalled brother Hoss, who was firstly the story's spruce, previous to Dan Blocker's premature death. For the period of its ultimate season, Bonanza turned down in ratings and NBC terminated it in the month of October 1972. And its ending episode aired on 16th January, 197

With Lorne Greene, Landon emerged in every 14 seasons of western. Landon was reliable to a number of his Bonanza links including creator Kent McCray, executive William F. Claxton, and originator David Rose, who stayed with him all through Bonanza with Highway to Heaven and Little House on the Prairie.

In 1962 Michael Landon released a Bonanza related single, Gimme A Little Kiss/Be Patient With Me, on Columbia Records.

Little House on the Prairie

After one year, Bonanza was finished. As Little House on the Prairie executive creator, Michael Landon hired 3 sets of real-life siblings to emerge on the show: Matthew and Patrick Laborteaux, Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush; and Melissa and Jonathan Gilbert.

His son, Michael, emerged as Jim in sequence The Election. Michael Landon daughter Leslie played the plague fatality in The Plague, a chapter from the premiere season of the show.

Tremendously admired with spectators, the show was selected for a number of Emmy and Golden Globe awards. Michael Landon teamed up with Oscar-winner First Lady Nancy Reagan and Paul Newman for a drug abuse basis named Just Say No.

Highway to Heaven

After creating both Father Murphy TV series and a film, Sam's Son, Michael Landon went on to star in additional flourishing TV series. And On Highway to Heaven, Landon played the Jonathan Smith, a provisional angel whose occupation was to aid people to produce his angel wings. And His co-star on show was Victor French as ex-cop, Mark Gordon. On Highway, Michael Landon provided as an executive producer, director and writer of the show. However Michael Landon liked writhing and directing more than drama. Highway to Heaven was merely show all through his extensive career in TV that Landon owned outright. Michael Landon judgment to job with the disabled people directed him to appoint a pair of adults by way of disabilities to mark episodes for Highway to Heaven.

During its 5th season of Highway, in June 1989, co-star Victor French expired because of lung cancer. And Michael Landon demise contributed to show’s ensuing cancellation. Michael Landon called his daughter Jennifer Landon to join in the last episode.

Michael Landon Hobbies

Michael Landon was fond of fishing, karate, painting, playing bridge, golfing, swimming, water-skiing and hand gliding. Michael Landon used to spent time with disabled children and adults. Michael Landon also loved to spend time with his family.


Michael Landon was a chain smoker. Michael Landon s continuous smoking led to cancer. Michael Landon died in Malibu, California. A community hall at Malibu’s Bluffs Park was named as The Michael Landon Center after his death.