MC Lyte Birthday (October 11th)

MC Lyte Birthday (October 11th)

MC Lyte an American rapper was born on 11th October, 1971 in Brooklyn, New York. MC Lyte is the honorary member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Biography of MC Lyte

When MC Lyte was 12 years old, MC Lyte began rapping and career in the year of 1986. MC Lyte elder brothers produced her initial single, "I Cram to Understand U (Sam)". The song about the deceitful boyfriend’s crack cocaine compulsion, guided to her recording contract with Original Priority Music. And her unveiling album, Lyte As a Rock, was out in 1988, and marked the formerly mentioned particular and a different titled "10% Dis", which besieged MC Lyte previous microphone competitor, Antoinette.

MC Lyte second one album Eyes on This was out in 1989. and it initiated Lyte’s initial #1 Rap Tracks solo “Cha Cha Cha” and also one more hit titled “Cappuccino”, which has a metaphysical narrative weaved just about an awful cappuccino occurrence. The video of the song was produced by Ric Menello, who helmed The Beastie Boys', "Fight for Your Right" song video. And then MC Lyte moved to directors Wolf & Epic for her 3rd release, 1991's Act Like You Know, which produced another #1 Rap Track labeled "Poor Georgie" and two slighter hits " Eyes are the Soul" and "When in Love". In 1993, MC Lyte out the album Ain’t No Other. And the album produced the other one #1 Rap Track, "Ruff neck", which made her the Grammy Award recommendation for the Best Rap Single. Another slighter smack titled “I Go On" came from the album.

Then MC Lyte noticed Elektra/Asylum and concerning released 1996's Bad As I Wanna B, which noticed a duo with Missy Elliott on the trail "Cold Rock a Party," which became one more #1 Rap Track for her, and achieved #11 Pop. MC Lyte involvement to the Sunset Park recording, "Keep On, Keepin' On", arrived at #10 on Pop charts. And in 2001, Rhino Entertainment unconfined The Very Best of MC Lyte. The performers mounted a reappear in 2003 with Da Underground Heat, Vol. 1 with making team Maad Funk.

And in the year of 2003 MC Lyte released her single independent testimony on her private label SGI/CMM with manager/partner Fred Crawford. And the album permitted, "Da Underground Heat Vol. 1 hosted by Jamie Foxx", continued to acquire her yet an additional Grammy recommendation and Bet Award recommendation as well. And the most important single, "Ride With Me", became title track for the show entitled HOLLA hosted through Cheryl Underwood. And the song emerged in the famous LL COOL J feature entitled "Deliver us from Eva".

In 2008 presidential contest, MC Lyte stated for Barrack Obama. Lyte was extracted in The Source magazine as speaking "I'm not voting for him (Obama) because he's a black man, I am voting for Obama because of his message and I identify with his words and his passion."

MC Lyte Acting Career Graph

MC Lyte has been featured on the TV as herself on some shows as In Living Color, New York Undercover, Moesha, Sisters in the Name of Rap, MTV Unplugged, and My Wife and Kids. MC Lyte has acted on the television as a main character in some shows as Half & Half, The District, Get Real, and In the House.

In a movie, MC Lyte primary role was in 1993 film called Fly by Night, starring along with Steve Gamer, Ron Brice and Jeffrey Sams. Since then MC Lyte has additional movies, such as A Luv Tale (1999), Train Ride (2000), Civil Brand (2002) and Playa's Ball (2003).

In the year of 2007, MC Lyte joined the shed of the celebrity Rap Superstar of MTV and coached Shar Jackson to the hip hop mc success in a single 8 weeks. Throughout the same time MC Lyte smashes the way in among shooting and fixed the roots for the globe VH1 House of Blues Tour.

Currently MC Lyte is voicing the BET show named The BOOT. MC Lyte has noticed on to become an accent for branding of the STARZ network.

Recently MC Lyte has unlocked Shaitel, Los Angeles boutique that focused in garnishes from sunglasses to belts. "We sell a mixture of new and vintage [items]," clarifies Lyte. "We also have a few signature pieces that are done just for the store. We boast to bring a little New York flavor out here to California."


In 2006, MC Lyte record as well as the phonograph, verifications and extra varied ephemera from the beginning of hip hop, was contributed to Smithsonian Institution. This assortment, entitled "Hip-Hop Won’t Stop: The Beat, The Rhymes, The Life" is a series to collects objects of past significance to hip hop genre from its commencement.

In October 2006, MC Lyte was considered the privileged hip hop performers on VH1's yearly award show, Hip Hop Honors. MC Lyte was joined through colleague female MC's Remy Ma, Lil' Kim and Da Brat as they presented a number of her tracks, "Lyte As A Rock","Ruffneck" "Paper Thin" and "Cha Cha Cha." Formerly MC Lyte participated in MTV reality programs Celebrity Rap Superstar as an advisor of Moesha actress Shar Jackson. MC Lyte is one of the best female rapper of entire team.


  • 1988 Lyte as a Rock
  • 1989 Eyes on This
  • 1991 Act Like You Know
  • 1993 Ain't No Other
  • 1996 Bad As I Wanna B : Gold
  • 1998 Seven & Seven
  • 1998 Badder Than B-Fore
  • 2001 The Very Best of MC Lyte
  • 2003 Da Undaground Heat, Vol. 1
  • 2003 The Shit I Never Dropped
  • 2005 Rhyme Masters
  • 2006 Wonder Years