David Schwimmer Birthday (November 2nd)

David Schwimmer Birthday (November 2nd)

David Lawrence Schwimmer was born on 2nd November, 1966 in Astoria, Queens, New York. Schwimmer was an Emmy-nominated American director and actor for film and television. David Schwimmer got esteem when playing the Ross Geller on immensely trendy American sitcom Friends.

Biography of David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer Early Life

David Schwimmer was born to Jewish parents Arlene Colman and Arthur Schwimmer. When David Schwimmer was two years old, David Schwimmer lived in Valley Stream, Long Island. David Schwimmer was developed in Los Angeles, California, where David Schwimmer joined Beverly Hills High School.

Having joined Northwestern University’s summer “Cherub” series (the National High School Institute) in 1983, subsequently David Schwimmer enrolled at the university as the drama major, admitting Delta Tau Delta Organization and Arts Alliance as well as directing and acting. In the year of 1988, with seven additional Northwestern graduates, David Schwimmer co-established Chicago's Looking glass Theatre Company.

David Schwimmer Career Graph

David Schwimmer is well known for his character as the paleontologist Dr. Ross Geller in the TV sitcom Friends. And the series was immensely successful and David Schwimmer, with co-stars, achieved extensive and global recognition among TV spectators. David Schwimmer earned the Emmy Award Nomination in “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series” class for the character in 1995. And this also made him the primary cast member of Friends to obtain such a recommendation. David Schwimmer dubbed the tone of giraffe, Mel man, in the film Madagascar.

In the year of 1989, David Schwimmer made the initial of various attempts to split into Hollywood, when David Schwimmer was directed as a killer in made-for- television suspenseful story A Deadly Silence. In fact it was a repulsive familiarity and young artist rushed back to the acquaintance of Looking glass. And the decoy of Hollywood was grand and David Schwimmer came back to the guest star and played the recurring roles on various TV series. David Schwimmer had another awful experience when David Schwimmer was directed opposed with Henry Winkler in Fox's sitcom Monty. And the series packed up before it descended the ground and David Schwimmer swore that he’d never try to do a new comedy show. Till 1994, David Schwimmer carried on to play an extensive variety of characters and to split his moment between television and stage.

Even with his early swear, David Schwimmer unwillingly accepted the character of Ross in Friends, a character that the creator of the show wrote the script especially for him. And the series remained an instant hit and his lovable drip character formed him a star and achieved him an Emmy recommendation for Best Supporting Actor in the Comedy Series.

And with his pristine celebrity came tenders for the feature film roles. Although, David Schwimmer had begun emerging in movies in 1990, but David Schwimmer had played only slight roles. David Schwimmer made his presentation as a star playing the virtual replica of Ross in Pallbearer (1996). David Schwimmer played the dramatic character as one of the originators of the silicon breast inserts in the made-for-television docudrama Breast Men (1997). David Schwimmer signed a profitable bond with Miramax that will not merely star him in numerous pictures, but permit him to express.

Away from acting, David Schwimmer directed 10 episodes of series. ‘During the show’s 10-year run, David Schwimmer appeared in various movies but David Schwimmer achieved most credit outside of Friends playing the role of Captain Herbert Sobel in dramatic mini-series Band of Brothers. David Schwimmer was the initial Friends cast associate to host Saturday Night Live in the year of 1995, and also with every one of cast members to pursue in his footpaths over the respite of the periods in 90s, aside from Matt LeBlanc who in no way hosted.

David Schwimmer played himself on HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. David Schwimmer also emerged in television series The Wonder Years as Karen's populate boyfriend and potential husband, Michael.

In the year of 2005, David Schwimmer depicted the main leading role in the sovereign drama Duane Hopwood, and collected positive assessments for his character as the alcoholic looking to move his life around. And in the year of 2007, David Schwimmer directed his primary movie, the British humor Run, Fat Boy, Run, formed by Robert Jones, at where David Schwimmer joined with British actor Simon Pegg. Previously David Schwimmer had starred with Pegg in the film Big Nothing and for a short time in Band of Brothers. Currently David Schwimmer is casting studio segments for the Little Britain USA.

Personal Quote

David Schwimmer: (about the force of his initial movie at box office) “For some reason I'm just not that scared. I realize there's a certain amount of pressure from critical circles and the industry. I feel like I'll be around for a very long time. I've watched the careers of bigger and better stars fade away. But I also think of Tom Hanks and Woody Harrelson.”

Filmography of David Schwimmer

  • 1984: The Karate Kid [Walk in only]
  • 1989: A Deadly Silence (TV)
  • 1991: Flight of the Intruder
  • 1992: The Wonder Years (TV series)
  • 1992: Crossing the Bridge
  • 1993: The Pitch
  • 1993: The Waiter
  • 1993: Twenty Bucks
  • 1993: NYPD Blue
  • 1994: *1994-2004: Friends (TV series)
  • 1994: Monty (TV series)
  • 1994: Wolf
  • 1995: The Party Favor
  • 1996: The Pallbearer
  • 1997: Breast Men
  • 1998: Kissing a Fool
  • 1998: Apt Pupil
  • 1998: The Thin Pink Line
  • 1998: Six Days Seven Nights
  • 1998: Since You've Been Gone (TV)
  • 1998: It's The Rage
  • 2000: Picking Up the Pieces
  • 2000: Love & Sex
  • 2001: Hotel
  • 2001: Band of Brothers (TV mini-series)
  • 2001: Uprising (TV)
  • 2005: Madagascar (voice)
  • 2005: Duane Hopwood
  • 2005: Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • 2006: Big Nothing
  • 2007: 30 Rock (TV; episode "Granzow")
  • 2007: Run, Fat Boy, Run (Director)
  • 2008: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (voice)
  • 2008: Nothing But The Truth



David Schwimmer adapted Herman Wouk’s “ The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial ” for his novel “The Caine Mutiny”(2006).

Broadway Debut – as defense attorney Barney Greenwald. Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York (USA)