Columbus Day 2015

Columbus Day celebrates arrival of the Christopher Columbus in the year 1492 on continent of America. Christopher Columbus landed on island in Caribbean on 12th October, 1492. Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in the month of October. Holiday on Columbus Day is very controversial as the settlements of the Europeans in America led to termination of culture and history of native peoples.

The question which arises in mind of many people that what do the people does on this very special day? Well authoritatively citizens of USA are thoroughly invited for celebrating anniversary of innovation of their nation with the services of the church and the other activities. In various cities and towns, special services of the church, large events and parades are organized. Most of the celebrations in the country are concentrated around the community of Italian- American. The Columbus Day celebrations which take place in San Francisco and New York are particularly remarkable. Columbus Day is well recognized as Discoverer’s Day or Landing Day in Hawaii.

Columbus Day is not celebrated in all parts of United States of America. As for example the Native Americans Day is celebrated only in the South Dakota, whereas Indigenous People’s Day is celebrated in California, Berkeley. Furthermore, Columbus Day is not communal holiday in states of Hawaii and Nevada. But in most of the other states in US, Columbus Day is public holiday. In some of the place the government schools and offices are usually closed, but the businesses can be open. United States flag is displayed on buildings of the government.

Sometimes Christopher Columbus is habitually portrayed as first European who sails to America. Some of the times he is also portrayed as discoverer of New World. Nevertheless, it is very controversial in many situations. There is also evidence that the first European who sailed across Atlantic were the explorer of the Viking from the Scandinavia. Further to it, already the area was populated by the native peoples, who exposed America nearly about thousand years before.

Columbus Day is originated as celebration of heritage of Italian- American and firstly was held in the year 1869 in San Francisco. First broad celebration was seized in the year 1907 in Colorado. In the year 1937, this very special day became the holiday in the United States except in some of the states of the country. The particular date at which Columbus reached US is also celebrated as Dia de la Raza which means the Day of the Race in the Latin America and also in some of the Latino communities in USA.

When Columbus Day Celebrates:

2006 – 9th October
2007 – 8th October
2008 – 13th October
2009 – 12th October
2010 – 11th October
2011 – 10th October
2012 – 8th October
2013 – 14th October
2014 – 13th October
2015 – 12th October
2016 – 10th October
2017 – 9th October
2018 – 8th October
2019 – 14th October
2020 – 12th October

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Columbus Day 2015