World Vegetarian Day 2015

Each year on 1st October, this special World Vegetarian Day kicks off the month of the potluck, parties, food tasting displays, presentations and plenty of the friendly discussions. For individuals new to the vegetarianism, World Vegetarian Day serves as enticement to provide the meatless fare and can also learn about advantages of it. It is also the ideal occasion for the vegetarians and also to the individuals that are moving already towards the diets of the plant- based for celebrating the sympathetic and healthy food choices.

Vegetarian Awareness Month and World Vegetarian Day, the partying is as different as people who organize them. Either you desire to put yours private and simple or grand and public- our resource and idea can help. Further, from the individuals from the walks of the life, the past participants includes the health food stores, restaurants, schools, co- ops, colleges, healthcare centers, employers, libraries and much more.

This special World Vegetarian Day is celebrated since from the year 1977 by bringing jointly the vegetarians from the entire globe for general cause. World Vegetarian Day also brings the awareness to environmental, humanitarian and the health advantages of vegetarian way of living. We are also observing the growing trends, particularly since Mad Cow, Mouth and Foot diseases, but nearly about 1 million citizens in the particular year became the vegetarian in Europe alone, million in Australia and US too. The entire thing we want to do is to make the difference and the every petite step helps.

World Vegetarian Day is celebrated on 1st October every year. It is celebration World Vegetarian Day which is established in the year 1977 by North American Vegetarian Society for promoting life- improving possibilities, compassion and joy of the vegetarianism in the field of the health consideration, compassion for animals, ecological awareness and worldwide hunger problems.

The under mentioned as some of the ideas by which we can make this special World Vegetarian Day a success:

  • Arrange the vegetarian meal and then invite local VIPs and public to join it
  • Sell the cookbooks
  • Organize the certain programs at universities, schools and colleges
  • Invite friends and family to the special dinner
  • Set stalls at the public places and then distribute the informational material
  • Do TV or Radio shows
  • Put the advertisement in local newspaper
  • Arrange the marches and vigils
  • Demand your newspaper dealer to attribute the article on the vegetarianism.
  • Demand for the vegetarian food in the public establishment
  • Hold the art and essay contest for youthful people on the vegetarian topics
  • Send e- cards and postcards
  • Show harmony by collecting the vegetarian food stuff and organize free meal.

World Vegetarian Day encourages all of us to eat the fruits and vegetables. The innumerable studies have confirmed that diet which is enriched with the vegetables and fruits is excellent for health. The vegetarians, has taken this way whether for their good health or by conviction not to kill or eat animals.

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