World Tourism Day 2017

World tourism day 2017 theme "Sustainable Tourism – a tool for development" 2015 theme is "Tourism for All – promoting universal accessibility" 2015 theme is "Millions of tourists, millions of opportunities" and 2014 theme is "Tourism and Community Development".

Since 1980, 27th September is celebrated through the World Tourism Organization as the World Tourism Day. And it was created at the 3rd Session of UNWTO General Assembly in Torremolinos, Spain, in September of 1979. The principle of World Tourism Day is to show wakefulness that tourism is essential to the worldwide population and to display how it concerns the cultural, social, economic and political values worldwide. 27th September is significant as on that date in the year of 1970, and the statues of World Tourism Organization (WTO) were espoused. The espousal of the statues is reflected on to be the milestone in worldwide tourism.

And at its 12th Session in Istanbul, Turkey, in October 1997, UNWTO General Assembly resolute to delegate a host state every year as an association’s partner for commemorate World Tourism Day.

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And its 15th Session in Beijing, China, in October 2003, the Assemblage determined the next geographic classify to be pursued for the World Tourism Day carnivals: 2006 in Europe; and 2007 in South Asia; and 2008 in the Americas, and also 2009 in Africa.

Chronological Perception The organization of so-called humanity days to show up among private circles, govt, and the community free, prominent features of the actions of the intergovernmental associations, are an extensive practice.

Every year, the associations belonging to United Nations System, for instance, rejoice world days committed to the United nations; globe peace; health; human rights; environment; health; childhood; womanhood; collaboration for development; telecommunications; meteorology, etc.


At its 3rd session (Torremolinos, Spain, September 1979), that General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) determined to organization, inauguration in the year 1980,

WORLD TOURISM DAY to be renowned on 27th September every year by proper events on premises chosen by the General Assembly, on commendation of WTO's Executive Council.

This date was selected to agree with a significant milestone in the World Tourism: anniversary of espousal of WTO Statues on the 27th September 1970.

The focal intention of the World Tourism Day is to promote consciousness among the worldwide community of the significance of tourism and its cultural, political, economic and social values.

The timing of the World Tourism Day is certainly particularly proper and that it approaches at the ending of high season in northern half a sphere and starting of the season in southern half a sphere, when tourism is also of current interest to hundreds of thousands of community globe from entire walks of being and to travelers and also the equipped sector in fastidious.

The association invites all fascinated parties to be included on 27th September very year in particular carnivals proceeding in their individual country or vacation destination.

The WTO Secretary-General concerns a message every year to smear the event.

Host Countries for the World Tourism Day

By pledge 376 assumed at its 12th Session (Istanbul, Turkey October 1997) and on the proposal of the Executive Council, the WTO General Assembly determined to designate a mass country every year as an Association's collaborator for commemorating World Tourism Day.

    1999 Chile
    2000 Germany
    2001 Islamic Republic of Iran
    2002 Costa Rica
    2003 Algeria
    2004 Malaysia
    2005 Qatar

Associated by United Nations’ World Tourism Organization in 2007, World Tourism Day is planned to “raise awareness on the constructive social role of tourism.” every year, the World Tourism Day is horded by an exacting country– this year, it’s Peru– and also every year is centered on an exacting thesis- and the 2008 thesis is tourism and weather change.

Even as you might not to be scheduling an excursion to Peru to rejoice, you may still contribute in day’s events. And the WTO is massing a photography contest; guidelines can be located here. Reliable with the theme of the year, endearing snaps will “showcase climate solutions in tourism.”

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