World Teachers Day 2017

World Teachers Day 2017 is observed on 5th October, theme is "Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status", 2015 theme is "Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies", 2014 theme is "Invest in the future, invest in teachers", 2013 theme is "A Call for Teachers" and theme 2012 is "Take a stand for teachers!".

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World Teachers Day is celebrated every year on October 5th, since from the year 1994 which commemorates the organizations of the teachers in the entire world. The aim of this special World Teachers Dayis to activate the support for the teachers and also to ensure the requirement of the coming age group will go on to met by the teachers. World Teachers Day was inaugurated in the year 1994 to honor signing of UNESCO/ILO recommendations which is concerned with Status of the Teacher’s on October 5th, 1966.

As by the UNESCO, World Teachers Day shows the considerable token of appreciation, awareness and understanding displayed for crucial contribution which teacher’s make to development and education.

The worldwide federation which shows the education experts internationally, Education International, strappingly believes that this date should be recognized internationally and should be celebrated in the entire globe. The Education International also says that recommendations principles of the year 1966 and year 1997 should be measured as the implementation in entire world. By adopting this recommendation, governments generally predict the significance for each society for having the qualified, motivated and competent teachers.

Near about one hundred countries celebrate the World Teachers Day 2008. Labors of the Education International and 390 members of the EI organization has largely contributed in this globally stretch recognition. Education International, every year launches the public alertness campaign for highlighting contributions of the teacher’s in humans life.

World Teachers Day offers opportunity to take the attention of the public to role of teacher’s globally and their significance in society and classroom. The theme of the World Teachers Day 2008 is “Teachers Matter”!

World Teachers Day offers the chance for worldwide public to observe significantly vital contribution which teacher create, both outside and inside classroom. Numerous of the education experts from entire world will fuse to ensure the needs of the education for the coming age group on this very special day. World Teachers Day 2011 will focus on requirements for bringing experienced teachers in classrooms and also providing teachers with obligatory support- social, intellectual and financial- for attaining purpose of the education for the all by year 2015. Therefore, to attain the objective, large number of the novel teachers will require be training and recruiting across world.

World Teachers Day very special day, certain events are organized internationally during hard works of the Education International, Scientific and Cultural organizations and United Nations Educational and the other partners.

World Teachers Day invites every person to distinguish indispensable and sometimes complicated role which teacher’s play- either working in the industrialized town or in the provisional classroom in immigrant camp. World Teachers Day is the special occasion for celebrating vital responsibilities of the teachers in offering the eminence education at all stages. Thus the International community recognizes that displaying the teacher appreciation is the optimistic and essential yearly action.

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