Talib Kweli Birthday (October 3rd)

Talib Kweli Birthday (October 3rd)

Talib Kweli an American rapper was born on 3rd October, 1975 from Brooklyn, New York. He is popular rapper in alternative hip hop. But he did not get significant viable success. His primary name in Arabic means “seeker” or “student”. First he gained identification through Black Star, a partnership with colleague MC Mos Def. Kweli and colleague rapper performer Mos Def acquired Nkiru, which is the oldest black-owned bookstore of Brooklyn, and converted it into Nkiru Center for Culture and Education.

Biography of Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli Early Life

Talib Kweli grew up in well educated family. His mother is an English lecturer. His father is a sociology lecturer. In his young age, he was drawn for Afro centric rappers, for instance De La Soul and other opponents of the Gall and Native Tongues Posse whom he had met up in high school. He admitted in Cheshire Academy, boarding school in the Connecticut. Later he studied investigational plays at New York University (NYU).

Talib Kweli Early Career (1997-2001)

Talib Kweli made his proficient debut in 1997, with an outward show on “Doom,” an album through Cincinnati, Ohio group, Mood. In Cincinnati, he met DJ Hi-Tek and two teamed up on some well accepted underground recordings as Reflection Eternal. Afterwards, when he came back to New York, he again linked with Mos Def and created Black Star. He brought the whole time Hi-Tek to make their earliest and single album, 1998’s Mos Def and Talib Are Black Star. And this album released in late 90s revitalization of cognizant, Afro centric hip hop, was instantly hailed through detractors and attained modest mainstream achievement. When Mos Def and Talib parted ways curtly thereafter, Hi-Tek and Talib carried on their Manifestation Eternal Corporation on 2000 album Train of Thought, which was similarly met with significant acclaim, but self-effacing sales.

Talib Kweli Start of Solo Career (2002-2003)

Subsequently Train of Thought, Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli divided as well.He applied his initial accurately singly debut to endeavor to precede a typical sound. And 2002's Quality, achieved this target to some scope, featuring making by the host of diverse producers, including Kanye West and DJ Quik. And this album met with extensive significant acclaim and obtained some normal concentration thanks to West-produced solo “Get By”.

Talib Kweli Middle Career (2004-2006)

In the year of 2004, Talib Kweli brought out his second single album and last Rawkus release, The Beautiful Struggle. And the album attributed more viable making, and even though his lyrics preserved their socio-political substance, Talib Kweli affected a rather harder character. And the album did not get success to intersect into the conventional and endured a decisive criticism. In the year of 2005, he released Mix tape- CD off of his recently produced Blacksmith Records. The assignment was called Right About Now: The Official Sucka Free Mix CD, a label which is deemed likely a reaction to the censure of The Beautiful Struggle.
On Right about Now: the Official Suck Free Mix CD, Talib Kweli sampled Ben Kweller’s "In Other Words" for his own song "Ms. Hill".

Talib Kweli Recent Career (2007-2008)

On 31st December, 2006, Talib Kweli released 9 songs Kweli recorded with commended underground maker Madlib for liberated download in concurrence with website for Stones Throw Records, the tag to which Madlib is noticed. An the folder was permitted Liberation, of which he was quoted through XXL publication as affirmed releasing the folder was invigorating to him; "The idea that I could put out an album like that: record it in my house, put it out for free and get that type of response.” And the album was made for deal in 2007 as a vend item.

For his latest release, he produced his own evidence label, Blacksmith Records. In recent times, he has signed applauded rapper Jean Grae and team Strong Arm steady. He signed the latest distribution contract with Warner Bros. Records for Blacksmith Records. And his recently single album is named Eardrum. And it was released on 21st August, 2007. He boarded on a nationalized Australian excursion in October, 2007. In the year of 2007, a plagiarize import CD containing collaborative and rare songs was unconfined entitled Focus. Newly he has connected MTV’s popular show MADE and motion picture an event in small town of Arlington, Massachusetts, with SMT Studios in New York City. He was the instructor of Colin Colt, a young guy who required to be made into a hit star.

Talib Kweli Future Projects (2008 and beyond)

On the blog of New Year, Talib Kweli verified that Talib Kweli has planned 3 albums for 2008: Prisoner of Conscious, a second manifestation Eternal album, and also Party Robot. And in the blog, he also verified that he will do work on latest albums for Jean Grae, Dion and Strong Arm Steady. DJ Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli have both stated that they are producing a second Manifestation Perpetual folder which will be summarized to Train of Thought.

In the month of March of 2008, Talib Kweli was attributed on the 9th Wonder and Buckshot trail “Hold It Down”. He is presenting recording a mutual album titled Party Robot with R&B vocalist Res under the team alias Idle Warship. And they have brought single song, "Industry Diary" from the future project.


  • Black Star (1998, as Black Star, with Mos Def)
  • Train of Thought (2000, as Reflection Eternal, with Hi-Tek)
  • Quality (2002)
  • The Beautiful Struggle (2004)
  • Right About Now: The Official Sucka Free Mix CD (2005)
  • Liberation (2006, with Madlib)
  • Eardrum (2007)
  • Party Robot (2009, as Idle Warship, with Res)
  • Prisoner of Consciousness (TBA)