Richard Gere

Richard Gere

Richard Gere Birth details

Richard Gere Birth date: 31st August, 1949
Richard Gere Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sign: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Sagittarius
Richard Gere Education: University of Massachusetts (gymnastics scholarship dropout)

Richard Tiffany Gere a golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award prized American Actor was born on 31st August, 1949. An ideal man of loving and dramatic movies, first Richard Gere became illustrious throughout the 1980s. While Richard Gere has managed to hold his status.

Richard Gere Early life

Richard Gere is an inheritor of George Soule, Degory Priest, John Billington, Francis Cooke, William Brewster, Richard Warren, and Mayflower Pilgrims Francis Eaton. Richard Gere’s father Homer George Gere was an assurance manager for Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Richard Gere had originally planned to become Minister. Richard Gere has one brother and three sisters. In 1967, Richard Gere got the degree of graduation from North Syracuse Central High School. Richard Gere excelled music and gymnastics with beating the trumpet. After it Richard Gere joined the University Of Massachusetts Amherst on gymnastics erudition, majoring in a Philosophy, but Richard Gere did not complete his graduation, leaving college after 2 years to job as a musician.

Richard Gere Career Graph

Richard Gere first performed professionally at Provincetown playhouse on the Cape Cod in 1971 where Richard starred in the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Richard Gere first leading drama part was in Original London stage version of Grease in 1972.

Richard Gere performed in several bands and started Acting in the summer programs all through New England. After doing performance with Seattle Repertory Theatre and with Provincetown Players on Cape Cod, Richard Gere directed as a substitute in The Rock melodic Grease in 1972. And the subsequent year Richard Gere performed the main role in London production of the drama.

Richard Gere came out in Hollywood movies in early 1970s, co-starring with the thriller Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977). Richard Gere played the main role in director Terrence Malick's fine reviewed 1978 movie, Days Of Heaven. After 2 years in 1980, Richard Gere emerged in Broadway production of Bent. Richard Gere substitute career took off with the flourishing movie American Gigolo, trailed by the admired romantic drama An Officer and a Gentleman. Afterward, Richard was the primary successful man to emerge on the wrap of Vogue magazine.

Richard Gere’s career rotated flanked by box office failures and successes. Subsequently the release of equally box office smack Pretty Woman and Internal Affairs in 1990, Richard Gere’s position as the most important guy was again congealed. Richard Gere carried on starring in sturdily performing movies during 1990s, as well as Somersby (1993), Primal Fear (1996), and Runaway Bride (1999). In Mr. Jones, Richard Gere accurately depicted the high-functioning, intellectual and creative man by Bipolar disorder. This film did not get any commercial accomplishment, but was well- accepted through the mental fitness community. And it is commonly utilized just as a guidance tool to explain families and students with disorder.

And the People magazine called Richard Gere the “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1999. Further in 2002, Richard Gere emerged in three big releases: the drama Unfaithful, the horror suspenseful story The Mothman Prophecies and esteemed film edition of Chicago, and for which Richard Gere won the Golden Globe as "Best Actor - Comedy or Musical". Richard Gere’s 2004 ballroom dancing play, Shall We Dance, was a frozen performer, even though his next movie, Bee Season, botched to get viewers in the middle of the Oscar-contenders of November 2005.

In 2006, Richard Gere was Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatricals' "Man of the Year". In July of 2006, Richard Gere was cast conflicting Terrence Howard and Jesse Eisenberg in The Hunting Party, a comedian suspenseful story in which Richard Gere played a columnist in Bosnia; the movie came before the public in September 2007.

Richard Gere Personal Life and Activism

Richard Gere was wedded to the supermodel Cindy Crawford. And in 2002, he wedded with the actress Carey Lowell. She gave birth a son Homer James Jigme, born in 2002.

Richard Gere campaigns for AIDS awareness and ecological causes. At present he provides on the Board of Directors for Healing the Divide, an association that supports universal initiatives to endorse understanding, justice and peace and Richard also keenly supports Survival International, an association dedicated to defending the privileges and lands of ethnic peoples all through the world. Richard supported to originate the AIDS Care Home, a housing facility in India for children and women with AIDS. Richard Gere also sustains crusades for AIDS education and awareness that state. In 1999 Richard established the Gere Foundation India Trust to hold up an assortment of civilized programs in India.

Filmography of Richard Gere

Year Title Role Notes
1977 Looking for Mr. Goodbar Tony Lo Porto  
1978 Blood brothers Thomas Stony De Coco  
Days of Heaven Bill  
1979 Yanks Matt Dyson  
1980 American Gigolo Julian Kaye  
1982 An Officer and a Gentleman Zack Mayo Golden Globe nomination - Best Drama Actor
1983 Beyond the Limit Dr. Eduardo Plarr  
Breathless Jesse Lujack  
1984 The Cotton Club Dixie Dwyer  
1985 King David David Razzie nomination - Worst Actor
1986 No Mercy Eddie Gillette  
Power Pete St. John  
1988 Miles from Home Frank Roberts, Jr.  
1990 Pretty Woman Edward Lewis Golden Globe nomination - Best Musical/Comedy Actor
Internal Affairs Dennis Peck  
1991 Rhapsody in August Clark  
1992 Final Analysis Dr. Isaac Barr  
1993 Mr. Jones Mr. Jones  
Somersby John Robert 'Jack' Somersby  
And The Band Played On The Choreographer  
1994 Intersection Vincent Eastman  
1995 First Knight Lancelot  
1996 Primal Fear Martin Vail  
1997 The Jackal Declan Joseph Mulqueen  
Red Corner Jack Moore  
1999 Runaway Bride Ike Graham  
2000 Dr. T & the Women Dr. T  
Autumn in New York Will Keane Razzie nomination - Worst Screen Couple
2002 Chicago Billy Flynn Golden Globe win - Best Musical/Comedy Actor
Unfaithful Edward Sumner  
The Mothman Prophecies John Klein  
2004 Shall We Dance John Clark  
2005 Bee Season Saul Naumann  
2007 The Hoax Clifford Irving  
The Hunting Party Simon  
I'm Not There Bob Dylan as Billy The Kid  
The Flock Agent Errol Babbage  
2008 Nights in Rodanthe Dr. Paul Flanner awaiting release
Hachiko: A Dog's Story Lead post-production
2009 Amelia George Putnam filming
Brooklyn's Finest Eddie Dugan filming

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