Randy Quaid Birthday (October 1st)

Randy Quaid Birthday (October 1st)

Randall Rudy "Randy" Quaid an American comedian and actor was born on Ist October, 1950 in Houston, Texas.

Biography of Randy Quaid

Randy Quaid Personal Life

Randy Quaid is the son of William Rudy Quaid, an electrician and Juanita Bonnie dale “Nita”, a real estate agent. He is wedded to previous Helmut Newton model Evi Quaid. He is the big brother of artist Dennis Quaid. He joined Pershing Middle School and Bellaire High School (Houston).

Randy Quaid Feature Films

In his career, Randy Quaid spent approximately 30 years. Quaid has emerged in about 90 films. Peter Bogdanovich noticed him when he was a learner at theUniversity of Houston in Houston, Texas. Peter obtained his first revelation in The Last Picture Show. He performance escorts Jacky Farrow to late interior Skinny dipping at swimming pool. And he had performed numerous roles which were produced by Bogdanovich.

He first main part was in critically acclaimed 70s movies The Last Detail. Quaid played the role of navy sailor to provide a callous sentence for thieving some dollars from the admiral’s pet donations. Jack Nicholson played prototypical 70s era armada lifer allocated to convey him to penitentiary. The character of Nicholson ultimately becomes his mentor and friend.

He was selected for a Golden Globe, BAFTA and an Academy Award for his performance in The Last Detail (1973). He was also chosen for a Golden Globe and Emmy for his depiction of President Lyndon Johnson in LBJ: The Early Years (1987). Quaid was attributed in two science fiction films, very flourishing Independence Day and fruitless Martians Go Home. Other films consist of Kingpin, where Quaid played the amiable Amish bowler Ishmael, along with Weird Science and Woody Harrelson cast associate Vanessa Angel; loser father in Not Another Teen Movie; and a loathsome neighbor to Richard Pryor's part in Moving. Quaid played the main role in HBO film Dead Solid Perfect as the golfer attempting to create it on PGA Tour.

In 2005, he had a crucial sustaining role in Academy Award Winning drama Broke Back Mountain in which he played the homophobic rancher in which two male workers are the main characters in the movie. On 23rd March, 2006, he filed a claim for $10 million in addition punitive damages in opposition of Focus features, James Schamus, David Linde and Del Mar Productions, claiming that they equally negligently and intentionally distorted Broke back Mountain as being, “a low-budget, and art house film with no view of creating any currency” to make safe his proficient performing arts services at the significantly lower price than his standard fee. The movie grossed approximately $160 million.

In the year of 2007, he depicted King Carlos IV in Goya's Ghosts, a character for which Quaid got the training to play violin. He starred in humor Ball’s out: the Gary Houseman Story (2008) along with Sean William Scott.


Randy Quaid achieved both Emmy and Golden Globe recommendations for his 2005 depiction of talented manager Colonel Tom Parker in significantly acclaimed CBS TV network mini-series Elvis. His other TV appearances contain a period as the Saturday Night Live cast associate (1985-86), the performance of real-life gunslinger John Wesley Hardin in the mini-series Streets of Laredo. He performed in the mini series Davis Rules (1991-1992), and The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire (2003), in addition to the 2 part television film version of John Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men, playing the role of Lenny. He was featured in highly-rated television films Category 6: Day of Destruction and also Category 7: The End of the World. He voiced the energetic Colonel Sanders part in television and radio commercials for fast-food restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken.


In the year of 2004, he emerged on theater undertaking the starring part of Frank in the globe premier of Sam Shepard’s The God of Hell created by New School University at Actors Studio Drama School in New York. Second time, he starred in the Shepard play, the primary being the extended running Broadway hit True West.

In 2008, a five members inquiry committee of Actors’ Equity Association, the labor union which signifies American stage performers, expelled him for existence and charged him about $81,000. The accuses that brought approves originated in the Seattle making of Lone Star Love, a Western based version of Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor, in which he performed the main character of Falstaff. The melodious was planned to get nearer to Broadway, but maker cancelled it.

In accordance with the New York Post, entire 26 members of melodious cast brought claims that he “verbally and physically abused his colleague performers” and because of it, the show stopped. His lawyer, Mark Block, stated that the blames were totally false. And one of the bad tempered performers had stated that the deed was really driven by "the producers who did not want to give Randy his contractual rights to creative approval ... or financial participation ..." the lawyer, Block stated that he had left unification before the melodic started, creating the ban moot, and he had contributed in the inquiry because Quaid wanted due process. He private proclamation on the accusations was "I am guilty of only one thing: giving a performance that elicited a response so deeply felt by the actors and producers with little experience of my creative process that they actually think I am Falstaff."

Recurring Characters on SNL

  • The Hovering Head: A Rod Serling-esque part in the Twilight Zone satire, "The Limits of the Imagination"
  • Rudy Randolph, Jr.: A pitchman clothed as cowboy who put up for sale irregular commodities (e.g. equipment from Gulf Coast that smells resembling dead bodies) or resources from rulers (e.g. Ferdinand Marcos's clothes). Frequently paired with Rudy Randolph III (participated by Robert Downey, Jr.) and the name is turn on Quaid's genuine name.