Halloween Games

  • Halloween is a time for fun, celebration and games
  • Halloween games are an essential component of Halloween parties.
  • Children as well as adults participate in Halloween games and Halloween events.
  • Many online games are also based on the theme of Halloween.
  • Online Halloween games are especially popular among children and teens.
  • Online Halloween games are available for free and cheap on the internet.
  • Most people plan games for Halloween several months in advance.
  • Take a look at these fun Halloween game ideas to make your Halloween party unique and enjoyable.

Halloween Party Games:

1) Who Am I? - Halloween Games Ideas

  • You will need names or images of things, >papersand pins.
  • An image is tacked on the back of each guest.
  • Guests are required to guess what or who they are by asking “yes” or “no” questions to other guests.
  • The guest, who guesses his or her identity correctly by the end of the party, wins the game.
  • The level of difficulty can be increased with age.
  • Players are not allowed to look at the image themselves or ask for exact answers.

2) Spooky Walk - Halloween Games Ideas

  • This game is a favorite among younger children.
  • It is similar to musical chairs.
  • Draw a large circle on the floor.
  • Place Halloween items like pumpkins, brooms, skulls etc. along the circumference.
  • Ask the children to stand along the circle and play some haunting music.
  • The children should move when the music starts playing and freeze when it stops.
  • There should be one child per item when the music stops.
  • Draw out an item name from a chit-box.
  • The child standing close to the item mentioned on the chit will be declared “out”.

3) Pumpkin Bowling - Halloween Games Ideas

  • Collect 2 liter soda bottles and color them white with spray paint.
  • Draw faces on the bottles with a black marker once the paint is dry.
  • Fill the bottles with sand so that they sand erect.
  • Divide your guests into teams.

4) Paper Mache Pumpkin Competition - Halloween Games Ideas

  • This game would be enjoyed by children who are too young to use knives to decorate pumpkins.
  • Organize a competition using old newspapers, balloons, colors and other decorative items.
  • Ask the children to use wet paper on balloons to make a sphere.
  • The underlying balloon can be burst once the paper is dry.
  • The hollow sphere can be painted orange with eyes, nose and mouth drawn on it.
  • The child who creates the best pumpkin wins the game.

5) The Grand Witch Hunt - Halloween Games Ideas

  • Make witch-hats out of paper.
  • The number of hats should be atleast three times the number of expected guests.
  • Pick out two hats and color them in a different color from the rest.
  • Hide the witch-hats in every corner of the house.
  • Ask your guests to find as many hats within n given amount of time.
  • The guest who finds the most hats wins a prize.
  • The guest who finds the different colored hats wins a bonus prize.

6) Candy Corn Catch - Halloween Games Ideas

  • For this game you will need candy corn, plastic pumpkins and a string/belt.
  • Divide your guests into teams of two members each.
  • Tie the plastic pumpkins (with a hole cut out on the top) around one team member’s waist.
  • The other team member would be required to stand at a distance of few feet and toss candy into the pumpkin (like basketball).
  • Give each team 2-5 minutes to complete the task.
  • The person with the pumpkin tied around is allowed to move about in order to catch the candies into the pumpkin but is not allowed to use hands.
  • In the end, the team with the most candies in the pumpkin wins.

Online Cheap Halloween Games:

Here are few Online Halloween games that are available for cheap on internet:

  • Franken brain
  • Castle Calamity
  • Transylmania
  • Mostly Ghostly: Graveyard Panic
  • Spooky Nerds
  • Run Monster Run
  • Haunted Castle
  • Monsters on the Loose
  • Monster Smash
  • The Great Monster Grab
  • Monster Rattle and Roll