Mike Schmidt Birthday (September 27th)

Mike Schmidt Birthday (September 27th)

Michael Jack Schmidt was born on 27th September, 1949 in Dayton, in Ohio.He is the former specialized baseball team member who played for Philadelphia Phillies. He was also voted as the National League MVP for the 3 times, All- star twelve times and he also received large number of the votes than any of the other 3rd baseman in the year 1999’s Major League Baseball All- Century Team. He was also inducted in Baseball Hall of Fame in the year 1995 and was also commonly regarded as one of greatest 3rd baseman in history of baseball.

Mike Schmidt Career:

Mike Schmidt Early Days:

Mike Schmidt completed his graduation from the Fairview High School in the year 1967 from Ohio and he also enrolled at University of Ohio. Quickly Schmidt established himself as Bobcats’ outstanding player whereas playing significantly at the shortstop. He was not only popular in the field of the athletic but he was also popular as the student in the architecture program of the University in Ohio.He was also the member of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.

Phillies drafted the Schmidt in 2nd round of Major League Baseball Draft in the year 1971 with thirtieth generally pick. He was also signed by the scout Tony Lucadello who followed Mike Schmidt since the Little League. Schmidt was also assigned to Phillies farm scheme, where he progressed very quickly, amalgamating Phillies in the year 1972.


Mike Schmidt has season of the breakout in the year 1974 with leading National League in the home runs and he also demonstrate his ability in field. For remaining 1970s he excelled with the glove and bat and he won the succession of the Gold Gloves and home run titles. He helped Phillies to won 3 titles of the straight division from the year 1976 to 1978. He had very commanding arm and also was particularly talented at the fielding petite grounders barehanded.

Mike Schmidt Relationship with his Fans:

Fans of the Philadelphia are the tough bunch and some of the times the fans got under skin of sensitive 3rd baseman. Once he was referred as the “beyond help”, the Veterans Stadium as the mob scene which was uncontrollable. After these types of the comments when it was time to go to the field, he came with wearing the shades as gag and wig for hiding from boo- birds. Crowd of Veteran stadium erupted in the laughter and they gave Mike the standing ovation.

Mike Schmidt Retirement:

Injuries to Mike Schmidt caused him to ignore the season of the year 1988. After having the very poor start in the year 1989, he suddenly broadcast his retirement on 29th May in San Diego. By the large number of the Philadelphia games circles, he was known as the Captain cool. He surprised lots of the people with the occasionally tearful and emotional retirement speech.

Awards for Mike Schmidt:

Over his entire career, Mike Schmidt set the enormous array of the fielding and hitting records. Further to MVP awards, he won 10 Gold Gloves and also led league in the home runs 8 times, OPS 5 times, Walk 4 times and also RBI 4 times. He was also named for the 12 All- Star teams. He concluded his career with the 1,595 RBI and 548 homes runs.

After his retirement, Mike Schmidt spent one term as member of Phillies transmit team on PRISM network. He was also known as the honest and the candid broadcaster in spite of his restricted experience in region.

Mike Schmidt Style of Playing:

Mike Schmidt demonstrated the petite emotions on ground. He had remarkable batting stance, turning back somewhat to pitcher and also waving the posterior. He was one of outstanding athlete during his time.

Mike Schmidt Coaching Career:

In the year 2002, Mike Schmidt was hired by Phillies to work as the hitting coach. Mike Schmidt was named as manager of Clearwater Threshers in October 2003, Single a Team with Phillies system of the minor league. He managed them up to year 2004 and then Mike Schmidt resigned.

Mike Schmidt Controversy:

Mike Schmidt has freely expressed his opinion on the variety of the controversies of the baseball. He has been the vocal advocate for reinstatement of the Pete Rose to the baseball.He also appeared on the Bob- Costas’ show for discussing the steroids in July 2005.