John Edwards

John Edwards

John Edwards who is an American politician was born on June 10, 1953 to Wallace Ried John Edwards and Catharine Juanita Bobbie Edwards in Seneca, South Carolina. John Edwards father was a floor worker in a textile mill and his mother had a roadside business of antique finishing.

John Edwards Education and Family:-

John Edwards had great interest in sports due to which John Edwards was recognized as a football star in high school. After school John Edwards joined ClemsonUniversity and after that North Carolina State University where John Edwards completed his bachelor’s degree in textile technology in 1974. After graduation John Edwards got Juris Doctor Degree with honors from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

In 1977 John Edwards met with Elizabeth Anania who is four years senior to him at Chapel Hill and got married. Elizabeth gave birth to four children namely Wade, Cate, Emma Claire, and Jack but unfortunately Wade Edward killed in an accident in 1996. Before his death on his essay “entering the voting booth with his father” John Edwards was honored by the Hillary Clinton at the White House. In his memory Edward and his wife started an organization whose main motto is to inspire, encourage and reward the young people.

John Edwards Legal Career:-

John Edwards worked as a clerk for a federal judge and in 1978 John Edwards joined the Nashville law firm of Dearborn and Ewing. In 1981 John Edwards moved to the capital Raleigh and joined the firm Tharrington of Smith and Hargrove. After that John Edwards started taking the cases regarding medical problems and won lot of dollars from their clients.

Due to these cases John Edwards was known as a plantiff lawyer and won around $60 million for his clients. In 1993 in Raleigh Edward and his friend David Kirby started their firm known by the name Kirby and Holt and in 1997 the first case they fought for is against the Sta Rite for the manufacture of defective pool cover.

The case was so strong that the company has to settle this by giving an amount of 25 million dollars to the family without any risk. After winning this case John Edwards and David Kirby won the Association of the Trial Lawyers of America’s national award.

John Edwards as Senator:-

In 1998 John Edwards won the U.S. Senate elections by 83,000 votes and defeat Lauch Faircloth. In 2000 John Edwards also nominated for the vice-presidential campaign. During his tenure as Senate John Edwards passed 203 bills and one of them is the authorization of military force against Iraq. Other important bills John Edwards passed were the Fragile X Research Breakthrough Act of 1999 and the introduction of Spy ware legislation with the help of Spy ware Control and Privacy Protection Act.

For some time John Edwards also ruled as a member of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and judiciary and also of the New Democrat Coalition. In 2004 John Edwards declared

John Edwards retirement from the post of Senate and allowed Erskine Bowles who was the former White House Chief of Staff to take his seat.

Presidential Elections 2004:-

John Edwards finally declared his intention about participating in the 2004 Presidential elections when John Edwards officially declined the reelection of Senate. For the presidential elections John Edwards campaign was chaired by Ed Turlington.

John Edwards succeeded in getting the support of the fellow trial lawyers, their families and the employees because of his good relations from the time of Senate elections. After a lot of struggle Edward won the South Carolina Primary by defeating Clark. Also Dean leaved the contest and now the only challenger is Kerry for Edward.

On March 2 when John Edwards campaign ended John Edwards decided to withdraw from the contest because John Edwards failed to win a single state and officially declared his withdrawal on March 3 at North Carolina press conference in Raleigh.

Vice Presidential Elections:-

In 2004 John Edwards was nominated for the vice President by Kerry who was supported by many Democratic leaders but the Chamber of Commerce supported Bush. Also according to the Times Magazine the conflicts were started between Kerry and Edward as a result of which they stopped talking to each other and John Edwards also said in his speech that the war had just begin.

On the very second day of his speech John Edwards announced that his wife had got breast cancer due to which John Edwards is not interested in the post of Democratic National Committee Chairman. In 2005 John Edwards was appointed as director of Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. To fight against the poverty John Edwards started a program called “Opportunity Rocks!” in ten major universities.

In March 2005 John Edwards antagonized for the nomination of Judge John Roberts to become the Chief Justice of the United States and also for the nomination of Justice Samuel Alito to become the Associate Justice. At the end of the year during his visits to homeless shelters and job training centers John Edwards gave a speech on the subjects like income tax credit, capital gains tax, how to increase the income, in the events organized by ACCORN, NAACP, and SEIU. The “College for Everyone” program which states that every student get scholarship in the first year in exchange of ten hours of work was cancelled in July 2008.

John Edwards also joined the Fortress Investment Group organized by Wall Street as a senior advisor and then as a consultant. This firm basically provides the sub prime loans to the buyers having poor credit histories. John Edwards mostly tried to help the affected families for which John Edwards later set up an ACCORN administered “Louisiana Home Rescue Fund” which provides loans to the families.

Presidential Elections 2008:-

John Edwards finally announced his candidacy for the president in 2008 election on December 26, 2006 from his home in New Orleans, Louisiana. John Edwards main motto is to eliminate poverty, providing health care and fighting against global warming. In January 2007 in National polls John Edwards stood third after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and succeeded in raising 23 million dollars from his campaign.

In the nomination process John Edwards succeeded Clinton and placed second after Obama. But soon on January 30, 2008 John Edwards declared his suspendency from the campaign for Presidency by saying that Clinton and Obama were capable for completing his motto.

Also John Edwards stated that John Edwards is not interested in the post of Vice President.

Extramarital Affair:-

The news of John Edwards having relation with Rielle Hunter who is former campaign worker had spread all over the country. In 2007 The National Enquirer also stated that John Edwards is also the father of a baby girl. Firstly John Edwards denied all these allegations but on August 8, 2008 in an interview with Bob Woodruff of ABC news John Edwards accepted that John Edwards had an affair with the Hunter but it was for a short period and ended before the child’s conception.

John Edwards Books:-

Following are the books written by John Edwards:-

  • Four Trials with John Auchard in 2003.
  • Home: The Blueprints of our Lives in 2006.
  • Ending Poverty in America: How to restore the American Dream in 2007