Jim Henson Birthday (September 24th)

Jim Henson Birthday (September 24th)

James Maury” Jim” Henson was most broadly recognized puppeteer in television history of America. He was born on 24th, September, 1936. He was the inventor of The Muppets and was also the foremost force after their extended sprint in television series The Muppet Show and Sesame Street and also some of the films as The Muppet Movie in the year 1979 and The Dark Crystal in the year 1982. He was also the film- director who was nominated for the Oscar. He is also the founder of The Jim Henson Company, his Creature Shop and Jim Henson Foundation. He is also television producer who has won Emmy Award.

His sudden death in the year 1990 resulted in the outburst of the professional and public affection. There has been the large number of the dedications and tributes in memory of him. Now the Jim Henson companies are operated by his children and they continued to produce the television shows and films.

E Jim Henson arly Life:

Jim Henson was second child among the 6 siblings.His father, Paul Henson was the agronomist for U.S. Department of the Agriculture and his mother was Elizabeth Marcella Henson.He spends his childhood days in Mississippi.He moved to the Hyattsville in the Maryland in late 1940’s. He was also raised as the Christian Scientist. Afterwards he remembered arrival of family’s primary television as “biggest event of his adolescence” which is highly influenced by the Edgar Bergen who was radio ventriloquist and former television puppets of Cora and Bil Baird and Burr Till storm. While attending the Northwestern High School in the year 1954, he began working for the WTOP-TV forming the puppets for the show of children in the Saturday morning. After completing the high school, Jim enrolled at the University of the Maryland, College Park as the studio arts as the major, view Jim Henson might became the marketable performer.

Struggles and Projects:

In spite success of the Sam and Friends that ran for the 6 years, he spend his most of the time in working in the children’sprojects, talk shows and commercials before being realize dreams of Muppets as being entertainment for everybody. He work popularity in Sam and Friends in the 50’s led the series of the guest manifestation on variety shows and network talk. He also appeared as guest in many shows also including The Ed Sullivan Show.

Business Legacy:

Jim Henson Foundation and Jim Henson Company were continued after death of the Henson and produced new specials and serials. The creature shop of the Jim Henson which was also founded by the him, it continues to create the creatures for the vast number of the series and films and also is considered as the most well respected and advanced creator of the movie creatures. His daughter Lisa and son Brian are recently co- CEOs and co- chairs of company. Cheryl, his daughter is president of foundation.


While Henson Jim Henson was busy with his projects, he started to experience the symptoms of the flu. He also made his appearance in The Arsenio Hall Show on 4th May 1990, where he mentioned to the public that he is tired and Jim Henson also has the sore throat, but he feel that it will go away soon.

Jim Henson traveled to the Ahoskie, in North Carolina on 12th May 1990 with Cheryl for visiting his stepmother and father. Next day he felt sick and tired and consulted to the physician in the North Carolina, but the physician was not able to find any evidence of the pneumonia by the physical examination and no special treatment was prescribed to him except aspirin.He returned to the New York on the earlier flight and also canceled the session of the Muppet recording which was scheduled for the 14th May. On 15th May, 1990 by 2 AM he was facing difficulty in breathing and also started coughing up the blood. He suggested to his wife that might be Jim Henson dying, but he did not desire to bother going hospital. Finally at 4 AM, Jim Henson decided to go New York Hospital, but his body was hastily shutting down.

At 4:58 AM when he was admitted in the hospital, that time he was not able to breathe by own and also had the abscesses in lungs. He was placed on the mechanical ventilator that helped him in breathe, but his condition deteriorated quickly in septic shock in spite of the aggressive healing with the numerous antibiotics. Only 20 hours afterwards at 12:58 AM on 16th May, 1990 he died due to the organ failure at age of fifty three.