International Peace Day 2016

International peace day 2016 theme is "____________", 2015 theme is "Partnerships for Peace - Dignity for All",  2014 theme is "Right of Peoples to Peace", 2013 theme is "Focus on Peace education" and 2012 them is "Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future".

In the year of 1981, the United Nations General Assembly approved declaration 36/67 announcing an International Peace Day. And in 2001, the United Nations General Assembly espoused a novel resolution 55/282 announcing 21st September of every year as an International Peace Day.

The Pledge: "Declares that the International Peace Day shall hereafter be watched as the day of worldwide non-violence and ceasefire, a summons to all states and people to respect a termination of resentment for the period of the Day...

“Invites all associate States, associations of the United Nations organization, and non-governmental associations and individuals to memorialize, in an suitable manner, the International Peace Day, including throughout public awareness and education, and to assist with the United Nations in the organization of the worldwide ceasefire.”

Secretary-General Kofi Annan has discussed to all United Nations agencies and departments to increase their ceremony, enlarging a special summon to civil culture and also highlighting the Minute of Calm at 12 midday.

The World Peace Society gives confidence contribution by all organizations, schools and individuals. Each year; all parts of the people in the globe celebrate this International Peace Day on 21st September.

On International Peace Day, "Peace Bell" is ringed at the UN Headquarters. And bell is directed from the coins contributed by kids on all the continents, and also considered a sign of world unity. It was specified as an endowment by Japan. It is submitted to as a “reminder of the human cost of war." The dedication on its elevation reads: "Long live absolute world peace."

Ceremonial of the yearly international Peace Day is prevalent across the world. Now celebrations occur in all country.

History of International Peace Day


The United Nations General Assembly affirmed, in a declaration subsidized by Costa Rica, the third one Tuesday of September as an International Peace Day devoted to observing and spiraling the ethics of peace.


A new declaration was passed through the General Assembly, supported through the United Kingdom and Costa Rice to provide the day of calm a rigid date and proclaim it as the world ceasefire day.


In the year of 2005, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan termed for the international ceremony of 24-hours cease-fire and the day of nonviolence to smear the Day.


In the year of 2006, during his period in office, Secretary-General Kofi Annan rang Peace Bell for the most recent time. That year UN declared the "many ways it works for peace and to encourage individuals, groups and communities around the world to contemplate and communicate thoughts and activities on how to achieve peace. The UK (United Kingdom) held the primary community and official observation of the United Nations International Peace Day and Non-Violence in Rochdale, Greater Manchester."


In the year of 2007, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon rang Peace Bell at United Nations Headquarters in New York terming for the 24-hours termination of oppositions on 21 September, and also for one minute to make quiet to be watched around the humanity.


Each year, worldly people celebrate the events of International Peace Day. Events comprise Peace Day Comedy in 55 Comedy Clubs, Prayer Vigils, Music concerts, Giant Peace Dove of Jane Goodall in above 60 cities, UN Cyber School Bus lessons, school activities, Pinwheels for Peace and also in a few cases the forces putting down their arms for the day! Peace Day events are persuaded through United Nations' Peace Outreach Program.

for the UK: Including the single listed below, there are over thousands of Peace Day Events in 2008. For example, John Legend, Bryan Adams, Annie Lennox are presenting in the Royal Albert Hall. And Peace Day Humor is in above 20 Humor Clubs.

2008 is the 50th anniversary of Peace Sign.

Freshly a Premature Day Activity was presented in the House of Commons identifying the attempts of Peace Parade UK and also called on British Govt. to officially adopt 21st September as U.N. International Day of Non-Violence and Peace.

Stamp controversy

An embassy stir arise in 2004 and when Lions Club International supported a competition to choose a position of advertisements to be applied for commemoration stamps issued through the United Nations. An advertisement by 13years old Taiwanese junior high school apprentice Yang Chih-yuan was declared as one of the conquerors. On the other hand, later on it was declared the poster of Yang wouldn’t be used. And Govt. of Taiwan, Taiwan Lions Club and Taiwan media reports claimed the judgment not to employ the picture resulted from force from China. And the govt. of Taiwan afterward issued the squash containing the figure. Critics alleged that the refusal of the painting of students on merely political grounds did not imitate the morals of International Peace Day and while UN issued the declaration that “due to an internal misunderstanding and miscommunication, Mr. Yang's proof got publicized in error as one of the six stamps intended to be issued."

Please sustain International Peace Day by serving us raise consciousness of the event. And Share this note with everybody you know. All of you are accountable for the humanity you see, so, modify your mind and the humanity will be distorted.

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