Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

  • The festive season of Halloween can bring along a risk for hazards.
  • Food poisoning, cracker injury, fire and party accidents are not uncommon during this season.
  • Parents should carefully supervise their children’s Halloween costumes, Halloween food and activities to prevent any mishaps.
  • Halloween Pets also demand special care during the Halloween celebrations.
  • Here are some Halloween safety tips to help you sail through the 2008 Halloween holiday season safely.

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids:

  • The Halloween costumes should be fire-proof with adequate openings for breathing and vision.
  • Halloween Lamps and Halloween candles should be kept out of reach of children.
  • Do not allow children to use dangerous props like knifes, axes, forks etc for their Halloween costumes.
  • Supervise your children’s activities while they carve out a Halloween pumpkin or make other Halloween crafts.

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick and Treating:

  • Thoroughly check the Halloween candies your children collect while trick or treat.
  • Discourage them to consume food outside the house or accept eatables from strangers.
  • Feed your children well before they go out to collect Halloween goodies.
  • Discard any Halloween candies or Halloween goodies that seem tampered or unwrapped.
  • Small-sized eatables like Halloween peanuts, gum or hard candies can pose a choking hazard for younger children.
  • Make sure that all liquids like juices and ciders are sterilized and hygienically prepared to prevent contamination and infections.

Halloween Safety Tips for Halloween Costumes & Halloween Make-up:

  • Face paints should be free of toxic substances and harmful chemicals.
  • Check for skin sensitivity before you use any spray paints on your body.
  • Make sure that your Halloween masks do not hamper you vision.
  • Keep face paint away from the eyes and other sensitive areas.
  • Check for an FDA approval label on all your Halloween make-up products.
  • Exercise extreme caution while using fluorescent or luminescent colors.
  • Remove all traces of Halloween make-up before you go to bed at night.
  • Follow the instructions and directions on product labels carefully.
  • Follow the cleaning and insertion instructions properly while using colored contact lenses.

Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Care:

  • Keep your pets away from fire and sharp objects.
  • Halloween Crackers and loud music may frighten your pets. Keep them safely locked up in a quite room.
  • Do not use any paint or make-up on your pet’s fur as it may cause toxicity or allergy.
  • Make sure your pet does not eat any food that may cause harm.

Halloween Safety Tips for Halloween Parties:

  • Make sure there are no dry ice chips in the slush or drinks.
  • Keep all breakables and expensive items away from the Halloween party venue.
  • Keep a close tab on which Halloween parties or Halloween events your children are going to attend.
  • Try to accompany your children at all Halloween parties and Halloween activities.

Halloween Safety Tips for Yard Haunts

  • Make arrangements for extra insurance for the Halloween night before you invite people for a yard haunt.
  • Keep objects away from the main walking path so that people don’t trip and fall.
  • Use electric lights instead of candles and flames to prevent fire hazards.
  • Keep curtains, drapes, furniture, paper and linen away from candles and lamps.
  • Make sure that your upholstery and linen are not stained by paint and other props like fake blood.
  • If you are expecting too many people, try to get security and fire cover.
  • If your Halloween settings are too scary, place warning signs so that the less brave ones can stay away.