2016 Halloween Celebrations Around the World

Halloween means Holy Evening, on this day people will celebrate by dressing up their children with different terrifying masks and costumes. Halloween is a time of carnival and many of countries will be celebrate this event on October 31 in every year.  This Halloween word is originated from All Hallows' Eve, which is conducted on November 1st.

In USA Halloween is generally celebrated along with their family members and friends. Celebrating Halloween is more fun when you decorate the outside of your home with lots of objects to shock those who dare walk up to your door. These decorated home welcomes all the children who dressed up with terrifying masks like ghosts and goblins.

In fact Halloween started out as Samhain, a parade celebrated among Celts and their fore fathers. It also noticed the end of the winter solstice as well as a successful period of gathering in crops. According to the custom, this was the one night a year when spirits were free to walk on the earth. Origin suggests that the Celtic families would hide in their homes because of the fears of these spirits are coming into contact with them.

Halloween is not a public holiday, there are many issues concerning the celebration of Halloween, but it doesn't matter because it is a fun holiday. Children have a chance to dress up with their favorite costumes and go from house to house receiving treats. Many adults also show interest to dress for Halloween and enjoy it a lot as compared to kids.

Here we use Orange, Black and Purple colors of Halloween only, because black and orange are the traditional colors of Halloween. Now a day’s red and green colors have also become popular, and these colors are mainly used in decorations and party themes. In Halloween Orange is associated with pumpkins, season and fire. Black represents the death, fear, night and silence, finally purple represents the supernatural, the divine, and the mystic.