Gloria Estefan Birthday (September 1st)

Gloria Estefan Birthday (September 1st)

Gloria Estefan Birth details

Gloria Estefan was born on September 1, 1957.

Importance and success story of Gloria Estefa

  • Gloria Estefan is an American singer and song composer
  • She is rated amongst the top 100 most excellent marketing music artists.
  • She has total of more than 90 million albums sold all around the world.
  • In United States, around 15.5 million copies have been sold.
  • She is the winner of five Grammy Awards.
  • She is one of the most successful entertainers in Latin music till now.
  • The Latin Grammy Award Recording Association chooses her as the “Person of the Year”.
  • She was awarded in a ceremony in the month of November 2008.
  • The ward is dedicated to her for her long career of 20 years and her achievement throughout.
  • She would be the first female singer getting the award.
  • She has been nominated for three more awards in the same ceremony.

Gloria Estefan Personal life

  • Gloria Estefan father was José Fajardo.
  • She was employed as a bodyguard to the wife of former Cuban president.
  • Her mother was Gloria García Pérez de Fajardo.
  • She presently lives in Miami.
  • She had established a school in Cuba in 1950s.
  • It was for kindergarten children.
  • She brought up mainly in Miami.
  • In 1975, She did her graduation from a Catholic high school, “Our Lady of Lourdes Academy.” She also studied at theUniversity of Miami.
  • She also worked as a Spanish and French translator in the Customs Department of Miami.
  • She also grabbed a degree in communications and psychology in 1978.
  • In 1976, She fell in love with the bandleader of Miami Sound Machine, Emilio Estefan.
  • Both were married on 2nd September 1978.
  • The couple is blessed with a son, Nayib who was born in 1980.
  • They also have a daughter, Emily Marie who was born in 1994.
  • They are presently residing in Vero Beach, Florida.


  • The couple owns a number of business organizations.
  • They have established a chain of seven Cuban restaurants.
  • These restaurants are situated on the Miami Beach, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Downtown Miami, American Airlines Arena and Downtown Disney in Orlando.
  • They also possess two hotels.
  • One of it is hotel in Vero Beach.
  • The hotel was ruined by Hurricane in September 2004.
  • It is planned to reopen in June 2008.
  • The other one is Cardozo in Miami Beach.
  • In 2007, Estefan was selected in the board of directors for Univision Communications Inc.
  • As estimated, presently her property is worth approximately $500 million.

Gloria Estefan Awards

  • Beside Grammy, She has also won a number of other awards.
  • In 1993, She was awarded the Ellis Island Congressional Medal of Honor. It is the most honorable award that can be received by naturalized U.S. citizen.
  • She also received the Hispanic Heritage Award.
  • It is a MTV Video Music Award. She also won two television ACE Awards.
  • She also got the National Music Foundation’s Humanitarian of the Year award in 1993. Gloria is also going to be the receiver of the American Music Award for Lifetime Achievement.
  • In 2005, She won a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Emilio, her husband, who is a well-known music impresario, was also given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • She was awarded a doctoral degree in music from the University of Miami in 1993. In 2007, Emilioa and Estefan were awarded an honorary doctoral degree in music by the Berklee College of Music, Boston.
  • She has numerous encomiums for her musical achievements, charitable and benevolent work. In 2002, she was given the medal of Excellence for Community Service from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.
  • In 1994, She was declared the Musicares Person of the Year.
  • She has laid down the Gloria Estefan Foundation whose aim is to aid people with spinal cord injuries.
  • The Songwriters Hall of Fame has privileged her.
  • She performed as a public member of the United States Delegation to the United Nations in 1992.