Festival of Roses

Flowers not only convey the message of love but also help in decorating the room in which they are kept. Flowers have a very positive impact on atmosphere, well-being and moods. Presence of flowers especially roses in surrounding areas prevent the depression and negative thoughts and leads to positive thoughts, creativity and productivity.

Roses which are available throughout the year all around the world, probably generated in Northern Persia. Different color of roses has different meanings. While red rose denotes love, pink rose symbolizes friendship and white rose signifies purity. Roses have three different categories: - Species roses, Old Garden roses and Modern roses. All of these types of roses are commonly found in the festival of roses which takes place in the city of Orangeburg in the month of May every year.

In 1972, the first festival of roses was held and it was sponsored by the Greater Orangeburg Chamber of Commerce. Today the city of Orangeburg and the Orangeburg County chamber of commerce are co-sponsors. Festival of Roses consists of beautiful roses, activities, and entertainment for the whole family.

In July 1992 the Horne Wetlands Park was established which brought a shine to this Festival of Roses. It is situated between the garden and the North Fork of the Edisto River. Due to this the visitors can have a close look at the plant life and wildlife of wetland area and the Edisto River.

Edisto memorial gardens is a place where at present there are more than 50 beds of roses ranging from miniature from grand flora to climbers on 150 acres of land. As these gardens are filled with All America Rose Selections award winning roses, azaleas and other flora and fauna, they attract the tourists from all over the world.

In the South Carolina festival of roses which was held in these gardens displays 75 varieties of roses and all are current and past award winning from the All America Rose selections. These gardens are considered in one of the 23 best gardens which introduces most desirable hybrid rose every year.

Old garden roses which have a great fragrance that cannot be matched by the modern hybrid roses are also found in this Festival of Roses. These are mostly available in the white and pastel colors, can be categorized into China Roses, Tea Roses, Damask Roses and Bourbon Roses. These can be grown easily and are resistant to diseases.

With the festival of roses in these gardens the other gardens like butterfly garden and the terrace garden which is on the river side of the Arts center also attracts the people. The entry to this Festival of Roses is free for all and it opens all the days from dusk to dawn.

In addition to the roses the arts and crafts show is also there. Hand craft items are also available for sale. In the kids area which is located at the fine arts center features the activities and the food vendors. Also there is a petting zoo and animal rides too.

The different tournaments like Blackwater river race, Rose festival Road Race, Airplane rides, Golf tournament, and Softball tournament are also a part of this Festival of Roses. In some of these tournaments on winning the first, second and third place teams will receive the trophy and t-shirts.