Elephant Appreciation Day 2017

22nd September is Elephant Appreciation Day. Elephant Appreciation Day was announced in the year of 1996 by the Mission Media (a digital and stamp publisher of Graphics). It is the magnificent vacation in the honor of very particular animal, which in 1874 became the symbol of the Republican Party. And while the entry of GOP elephant into the supporting realm was not dreadfully auspicious, and the amulet stuck for the reason that elephants are intelligent, fearsome, stalwart and loyal when provoked.

The elephant normally deserves to be upheld and appreciated as an instance of strength, patience, self-reliance, persistence, courage and common high quality of being.

Big kids and little kids are attracted by elephants. In the circus, natural world special on TV, in a zoo, elephants enthrall us through their complete size.

In a quote Aristotle said that elephants are “The beast which passed all others in wit and mind.”

Current studies have also revealed that elephants have aptitude alike that of dolphins, and also very alike to that of mandrills. Their complex and large brain permit them to show a diversity of behaviors and emotions: compassion, grief, memory and also sense of humor and bounciness. Some still state that elephants have a creative elevation to them. Don’t have faith on me? Please check out www.novica.com, and then click on “Elephant Art” division under the canvas tab.


Mission Media Inc .formed in the year of 1996, outsized for the reason that elephants are ....huge. The originator, Wayne Hepburn, got a paperweight of elephants on the procession from his daughter as a reward. Wayne became attracted through them. He collected big collections of elephant paraphernalia and books. His appeal and care for elephants, directed to the formation of this Elephant Appreciation Day therefore I and you may stop and get pleasure from this massive, lumbering beast.



Surroundings Information:


Elephant Appreciation Day was affirmed in the beginning of 1996 through Mission Media to commemorate the Elephant because….

  • is the biggest land creature of our period,
  • is exclusive amongst mammals for its stem,
  • is the most dignified of beasts on globe,
  • is excessively threatened with extermination,
  • has been the benefactor of man in several ways all over history,
  • is amusing and entertaining,
  • is friendly and gentle,
  • supplies to ecosystem maintenance and development,


Elephant day or Elephant Appreciation Day is supported through Mission Media, Inc., a print and digital publisher of graphics. And Mission Media is completely owned through Hepburn Family in Sarasota, Florida. And Wayne Hepburn, the President and Publisher, launched the day for the causes outlined above.


While existing in the Chicago quarter in 1970, the originator, Wayne Hepburn, obtained as a present from his 12 years old daughter a paperweight whose bottom was surrounded by a carnival of elephants. Afterward, he bought all over the place an elephant shape. By 1978 when Wayne turned to Orange Park, Florida, he had about 80 elephants massing out the manuscripts in his lounge bookcase.

Wayne began his interest in elephants and started learning and reading about them, riding them, seeking them out and nourished his rising zeal for elephants with the assortment which in 1997 numbers one thousand nine hundred nine registered items. The registered items include: toys, books, figures, clothing articles, jewelry, original arts, prints and music boxes…. Briefly, every possible artifact and art bearing or prepared in the similarity of an elephant. Besides he has amassed instances of elephant figures used in advertising, publicity, cartoons, all methods of print, brand identifications and new media applications.

He found a World Wide Web area, elephanteria.com in 1996 and placed the single site of its type on the web….. ELEPHANTERIA as a set where public who adore elephants can get the desires of their hearts and links to the whole thing not surround in this site. And The Wild Heart deal name was vended in 2001. Elephanteria ownership relapsed to Mission Media, Inc.


Elephant Day or Elephant Appreciation Day, dissimilar community celebrations, has no middle event. And it is also to be watched and enjoyed with anyone wherever on the local level.

THANK YOU for your attention in ELEPHANTS

"Elephant Appreciation Day" and "Elephant Day" are trademarks launched in interstate business through and for Mission Media, Inc. Apply are allowable for non-profit non- viable reasons without license. And all other apply requires licensing through trademark owner.

Here's a precise suggestion. .....Show elephants at your home zoo how much you adore them, through serving them a particular treat. They like pumpkins! They like big pumpkins. See elephants chewing on the big pumpkins.

Elephant Appreciation Quotes

"A camel makes an elephant feel like a jet plane." - Jackie Kennedy

Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is 'elephant'. - Charlie Chaplin

Love will draw an elephant through a key-hole. - Samuel Richardson

Elephant Appreciation Day 2017