Adam West Birthday (September 19th)

Adam West Birthday (September 19th)
  • Adam West Birth Details - 19th September, 1928, Walla, Washington
  • Adam West Nationality - American
  • Gender - Male
  • Adam West Occupation - Actor

Adam West an artist was born on 19th September 1928 in Walla, Washington. He is popular for the performance of Batman on the Unique TV program that sprinted from 1966 to 1968.

Biography of Adam West

After joining Lakeside academy, an impressive high school in Seattle, Adam West graduated from close to Whitman College where Adam was an associate of theBeta Theta Pi Organization, main in psychology and literature. He was married with Billie Lou Yeager. Adam remained in the US Army till two years. He worked as a truck driver, cow boy and a disc jockey. And then he traveled with his companion around Europe, where Adam and then labored as a milkman. Finally he settled in Hawaii and Adam West separated his former wife in 1952 and wedded with gatokoruaimatauaia Frisbee Dawson in 1957. Adam called her Nga. They have two kids: Hunter and Jonelle. They separated in 1962. Third time Adam West wedded Marcelle Tagand Lear. They have two children Nina, Perrin.

Adam West Early Roles

In Hawaii, Adam West presented a character as the assistant on the children's program called The Kini Popo Show, which showed a chimpanzee. Later he captured as the celebrity of the show.

In the year of 1959, Adam West turned to Hollywood and placed the stage name, “Adam West”. He co-starred in the movie, The Young Philadelphians, with Paul Newman. Adam soon snagged the sustaining character as Sgt. Steve Nelson in the rob show The Detectives. Adam in a period of original TV series The Outer Limits titled The Invisible Enemy. He also produced a short appearance in 1964 movie Robinson Crusoe on Mars. And In 1965, he starred in humor western The Outlaws is Coming, the most recent feature movie starring The Three Stooges.

In the year of 1960, several roles in television and movies brought him to the concentration of William Dozier, who directed him as Batman in 1960s smack television series. He stated that Adam has asked to play James Bond following Sean Connery determined to quit the role. He was nearly popular of three big B’s of 1960s: Batman, Beatles and bond. And the Batman show remained globally flourishing as beam camp activity, running from 1966 to 1968 and still directing a feature film.

When his show came to an end, Adam West was classified as Batman. He had some problem to play other roles. Even his realistic lead presentation as cynical strong guy Johnny Cain in 1969 movie The Girl Who Knew Too Much did not corrode his Batman reflection.

After Batman, Adam West continued his work. During the 1970s and 1980s, He emerged in a series of B-grade movies and non-aired TV pilots, consists of The Happy Hooker Goes To Hollywood concerning the celebrated call girl, Xavier Hollander.

For the period of 1990s, Adam West attained fractional cult rank, emerging as himself in such movies as Drop Dead Gorgeous and The Size of Watermelons. He has also given his voice to numerous animated TV series, consists of The Simpson and the lively Batman TV series. In the year of 1991, He performed in the pilot episode for Lookwell, in which he depicted a wrecked TV action leading actor who misleadingly thinks that he can resolve crimes in genuine life. And the pilot, which is written by Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel, has ensued a status for being the funniest possible series. After some time, it was broadcasted on Trio channel.

Adam West also emerges on Nickelodeon's animated series The Fairly Odd Parents, as himself, but who depicted the superhero Catman and main Hollywood star. Adam has also given his voice for cartoon roles on Kim Possible as Timothy North, a wrecked performer who thinks that he is a superhero Adam depicted on TV, The Fearless Ferret. He starred on Cartoon TV series Johnny Bravo. Further in Batman, Adam West plays the mayor of Gotham City named Marion Grange. Currently, He has done accent over labor for The Boondocks.

Adam West is also very smart investor. He t has emerged on ‘Fox’s Cashin’ In’ show about store bazaar and deals in general.

Batman is counted in Ketchum, Idaho phone directory, as "See West, Adam."

Adam West Acting Career

Adam West began acting on TV in the 1950's, emerging in minor roles as instantly men to mostly comic characters.


Creator William Dozier direct Adam as the Batman and also his change personality, Bruce Wayne, in Batman, and the smack TV series. He shaped Lyle Waggoner for Batman performance.

The admired, campy show sprinted on ABC from 1966 to 1968; a movie edition was released in 1966.

Adam West was provided the character of James Bond through Cubby Broccoli in the year of 1970 for the movie Diamonds Are Forever. But he refused the proposal, and stated in his memoirs that he assumed the role must constantly be played through a name British, referencing Australian George Lazenby's detested moment in the role.