Steven Jobs Birthday (February 24th)

Steven Jobs Birthday (February 24th)

Steven Paul Jobs, the chairman, co-founder, and previous CEO of Pixar Animation Studios and CEO of Apple Inc. He was born on 24th February, 1955 in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. He was with Steve Wozniak. Both they co-founded Apple Computer Corporation and after it he turned out to be a multimillionaire at the age of 30. Then he started the NeXT Corporation to supply aneducational system at a realistic price, but established that software is even better trader than hardware.

Steven's Education: Undergraduate, Physics, Poetry and literature, Reed College.

Steven Jobs Prof. Exp.: Apple Corporation; Atari Corporation; NeXT Corporation.

Biography of Steven Jobs

Steven Jobs Early Years

Steven Jobs was espoused by Clara and Justin Jobs of Mountain View, California in February 1955. He was not satisfied at school in Mountain View. So family moved for Los Altos, California. He attended Homestead High School. Where his  electronics educator Hohn McCollum, recalled that Steven Jobs was "something of a loner" and "always had a different way of looking at things."

Then he attended lectures at the Hewlett-Packard electronics rigid in Palo Alto, California. In 1972, he registered at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Following withdraw of Reed after 1 semester; he drooped around the site for one year, attending programs in philosophy and submerging in counterculture. 

In 1974, Steven Jobs got a job at Atari, Inc., as a video game exclusive, the forge in electronic cloister recreation. After some months working, he earned sufficient money to exploration on a voyage to India where he traveled in the search of devout illumination in the corporation of Dan Kottke, a buddy from the Reed College. In 1974, he came back to California and he started to attend the meeting of Wozniak’s “Homebrew Computer Club.” Wozniak was satisfied with the ecstasy ofelectronics conception. While he was not concerned in generating electronics and also he was not as high-quality an engineer Wozniak. He had his staring on marketability of the electronicsgoods and convinced Woz to Steven Jobs with him to make a private computer.


“Wozniak was the first person I met who knew more about electronics than I did.”

About Steven Jobs: Like the Bhagwan, driving around Rancho Rajneesh each day in another Rolls-Royce, he kept his troops fascinated and productive. The joke going around said that he had a 'reality distortion field' surrounding him. He'd say something, and the kids in the Macintosh division would find themselves replying 'Drink poison Kool-Aid? Yeah, that makes sense'. - Robert X. Cringely, 1992.

Apple Computer

Steven Jobs and Wozniak made their initial computer and renamed the Apple I. both they brought in the market in 1976 at a range of $666. And the Apple I was the primary a single-board CPU with fixed video interface. On-board ROM, which conversant the device how to download additional programs from an exterior source. Both they manage to save $774,000 from the retailing of the Apple I. the next year; they created the Apple II for the common purpose. The devises of Apple II didn’t quit from the basic and compact design of Apple I. the Apple II was considered the Volkswagen of computers. He promoted sovereign programmers to originate appliances for Apple II. And the consequence was the files of several 16,000 software programs.

In 1981, Steven Jobs launched the Apple III. It had never completely recovered from its shocking beginning, because Apple had to evoke the initial 14,000 units to cure design faults, and then he had the problem for advertising the re-engineered edition. An additional Apple crash was the mouse-controlled Lisa, declared to stockholders in 1983. These computers should have been the world beater, for the reason that Lisa was the foremost private computer proscribed by a mouse. It had a hostile charge of $10,000. The nastiest item about Apple’s expansion of CPU was they required unity. These three computers of Apple used a split operating system.

The Next Step of Steven Jobs

Steven Jobs sold above $20 million of his Apple collection. He spent his days bicycling all along the beach. He was feeling lost and sad. He toured Paris and also tripped to Italy. Then he began to think about his last experience at Apple. Although Steven Jobs is not as engineer, he thought his supreme talent that had been leading expansion of novel products. He evoked with unusual pride that he had supported to introduce private CPU into education. To assemble his whole thoughts, he took up paper and pen and started to write down the entire things that were very noteworthy to him. And with the expansion of the Macintosh, Jobs programmed three instructive projects that he had commenced: the Apple University Consortium, Apple Education Foundation and Kids Can't Wait.

On 12th September, 1985 Jobs rose in a board meeting and spoke in a whip with an unemotional influence, "I've been thinking a lot and it's time for me to get on with my life. It's obvious that I've got to do something. I'm thirty years old." Offering to resign as a chairman, he said that Steven Jobs planned to depart the company to begin a fresh venture to deal with the superior education marketplace. He Sculley uttered, "All of us want you to reconsider your decision to resign from the board. Apple would be interested in buying 10 percent of your new company."