Senior Citizen Day 2017

When is Senior Citizen Day Celebrated?

August 21 is celebrated as the senior citizen day every year.

Aim of the Celebration of Senior Citizen Day?

The aim of celebration of senior citizen day is to enhance the approach of the Central and the state governments towards the welfare of the old age pensioners.

How is Senior Citizen Day Celebrated?

There are seminars, organized on the senior citizen day where the policies and various other measures to support the older generation of the country are discussed. There are various laws already framed by the welfare associations, to be followed and implemented on time, by the governance to provide the best possible aid to the aged generation of the country. There are many senior citizens in our country who are homeless, without income with many physical disabilities and ailments due the age factor.

Governmental measures

So it is the responsibility of the Government to provide all possible assistance to let them survive the tough world today. It is also celebrated to wake up all those younger citizens who have neglected their responsibilities toward their aged parents as well as grand parents. Most of the parents are leading lonely lives and nobody is to look after them. There are many free camps and health check up booths set up on the senior citizen day to provide free medical checkups and tests. Qualified Doctors are available on these camps for limited days to impart free medical advice.


There are many other many other benefits which people are not aware of are declared and stated such as :

  • concession in bus fare and railway fare for senior citizens
  • the merger of dearness relief in the basic pension
  • Besides the other significant measures for the senior Citizens declared by the Central and state Government.

The government and semi-government pensioners are requested to participate in the Seminars organized for them. Most of the states in our country announce and come up with the relieving policies of insurance sector for the aged, discounts in the medications for senior citizens and many others. There are many old homes for the refuge of the aged who are left alone and no one is available take care of them. Such old homes organize special programs to memorize their days when they were young and to have some amusement on the senior citizen day. Some children and grand children come to visit their elders in old homes on the occasion.

Senior Citizen Day 2017