Rielle hunter Birthday (March 20th)

Rielle hunter Birthday (March 20th)

Rielle hunter who is popular for having an affair with the Democratic Party Presidential candidate John Edwardswas born on 20 March, 1964 to James andGwen Druck. She was known by the several names like Lisa Druck, Lisa Jo Druck, Lisa Hunter, Lisa Jo Hunter, and Rielle Jaya James Druck. Basically She is an actress and filmmaker by profession.

Rielle Hunter Childhood Life:-

Rielle hunter father was a renowned lawyer while her mother was a homemaker. She had three sisters. She completed her high school educationin St. John Lutheran School and North Marion High Schoolin Ocala. After that She joined the Universityof Tampa for two years and later on moved to New York and joined University of Florida.

Horse murder: Henry thehawk:-

The horse murder is a scandal in which if the expensive horses were killed or dead or injured in an accident then their owners get the insurance money. Mostly the owners killed their horses to get the money. This scandal is known as the biggest scandal in the history of equestrian sports.

In 1982 the same case has raised when the show jumperHenry the Hawk was killed by his owner James Druck, the father of Rielle Hunter. Basically the horse was owned by the Lisa but due to her underage all the nest farms and the finances were controlled by her father and he very well known that if the horse was electrocuted then it would be very difficult for a vetenary doctor to find the cause of death.

For doing this he hired Tommy burns and taught him how to electrocute the horses. After that he and Burn killed Henry first because this horse has an insurance policy of $150,000. From that period Burns started killing horses and built his career as “horse murderer”.


Author Mclnerney and his girlfriend Hunter relate the whole episode of Henry the Hawk in their novel called “Story of my Life”. In other novels “Bret Easton Ellis”, “American Psycho”, and “Glamorama” they relate some part of this scandal.

Rielle Hunter Marriage:-

On august 3, 1991 Rielle hunter got married to attorney Alexander m. Kip Hunter-III in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and after their marriage they moved to Beverly Hills California. In 1994 She changed her name from Rielle Druck to Rielle Hunter. She filed for divorce from Hunter very soon in 1999 which was ultimately finalized on September 1, 2000.

Rielle Hunter Career:-

Overboard, Deadly Addiction, Richoret are the three films of 1980’s and 1990’s from which Rielle hunter started her acting career. In the same year the play “Savage in Limbo” which co-starred Elizabeth Dennehy was also financed by her husband Alexander Hunter.

Under Rielle hunter production company called R Hunter Films hunter acted, wrote, and produced a comedy play “Billy Bob andThem” in 2000 and in 2002 she and her partner won $500 by participating in a show Lingo on the GSN series.

In July 2006 Mimi Godfrey Hockman and Rielle Hunter formed another production company called Midline Groove Productions LLC which basically produces the campaign promotional videos for John Edwards. These series are broadcasted on the worldwide web by the name “Inspiring Politics: A webisode series following John Edwards.” And for this Edwards One America Committee paid $100,000 to the Hunter’s company on July 6, 2006. Later on this committee also paid $14461 to the company in two installments.

By uploading the videos Rielle hunter became very popular in introducing the worldwide web in a way that online video is the fastest medium in providing the information to the audiences. According to Catherine Holoran ,writer of the magazine stated that in the history of world web the Hunter’s series marked as a “tipping point” and according to Maria Russo, Hunter is the first adopter of You tube and film maker for the political campaign marketing.

Involvement with John Edward:-

In 2006 Rielle hunter met Edwards in a bar in New York where he was busy in attending the meeting and for the 2008 presidential campaign he hired her to produce series of webisodes.

In October 2007 according to an American newspaper The National Enquirerthere were the news of the extramarital affairs of Edwards with the Hunter as a result of which Rielle hunter get pregnant also. But soon after the report Rielle hunter denied it and stated that Rielle hunter was becoming the mother of the child of Andrew Young who was a former staffer for John Edward’s presidential campaign.

When Rielle hunter ave a birth to a daughter named Frances Quinn hunter in California she didn’t give the father’s name on her daughter’s birth certificate. Then after that the National Enquirer once again claimed that Frances was the daughter of John Edward.

On hearing the news John admitted that he had an affair with the Rielle hunter but Frances was not his daughter and also he was ready to give the paternity test. But on 12 August, 2008 she refused to allow any type of paternity test and also stated that John had lied about the period of affair because it is still going on and also he bought a secret home for her and her baby to avoid the press from finding them.