National Radio Day 2017

When is National Radio Day Celebrated?

National Radio Day is observed on August 20th every year to celebrate radio.

Why is National Radio Day Celebrated?

National Radio Day is celebrated as a wonderful invention and means of communication. 

Radio Invention Story

The radio was invented long back in 1800s. The final radio instrument was the result and efforts of a number of inventors role played, in creating this important medium. 

Benefits of radio

  • The number of individual devices and their discoveries were equally important to make the radio a reality. 
  • These inventions included both broadcast and reception methods and technology. 

Evolution in Radio

  • The radio was basically an advancement or evolution of the telegraph and the telephone. The wireless telegraph finally contributed to its invention. 
  • The National Radio Day was originated recently in 1990s when some evidences on blogs and radio station websites suggested that this is a newly established holiday. 
  • Radio station personnel and jockeys in almost all the radio stations began discussion on creating ways to celebrate their own holiday. 
  • After all Radios have always promoted and informed us of all the bizarre and unique holidays when ever it falls 
  • There is no finding as if that exactly started the celebration on the day, an individual or a group.

How is National Radio Day Celebrated?

  • The National Radio Day is celebrated by the easy listening of radio transmission. 
  • The broadcast, on the National Radio Day is made special by playing the listeners demand from all around the transmission range. 
  • One can simply tune into the favorite radio stations and also put forward their choices by dialing the given station numbers. 
  • There are many games, competitions and questionnaires played in between the transmission especially designed for National radio day. 
  • The winners are distributed various attractive prizes like shopping vouchers, movie tickets, restaurant coupons etc. 
  • The local radio personalities or radio jockeys are given a little recognition on the National Radio Day. There are many beautifully designed and message conveying E-cards to make each other aware of the National Radio Day or occasion. 
  • People send wishes of the day to each other by the means of radio on the day.
National Radio Day 2017