Mother Teresa Birthday (August 26th)

Mother Teresa Birthday (August 26th)

Mother Teresa Born and Brought up:

Mother Teresa was born on 26th August 1910 Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in Yugoslavia in Skopje. She was the Albanian Roman Catholic nun and has the Indian Citizenship as Mother Teresa founded Missionaries of the Charity in the Indian state West Bengal in the year 1950. for near about 40 years she ministered to orphaned, poor, dying and sick, whereas the Missionaries of the Charity’s development, first all through the country India and later on in the other countries of the world. 

Mother Teresa Achievements

By year 1970 Mother Teresa became the worldwide famed as the advocate and the humanitarian for the helpless and poor, due in fraction to book and documentary, Something Beautiful for God which was written by the Malcolm Muggeridge. 

Mother Teresa won Nobel Peace Prize in the year 1979 and also in the year 1980 she won the highest civilian award of the country India, Bharat Ratna for the humanitarian work. The Missionaries of theCharity of the she sustained to expand and during her death time the Missionaries of the Charity was operating near about 610 missions in approximately 123 countries in the entire globe consisting of thehomes and the hospices for inhabitants with the leprosy, soup kitchens, HIV/AIDS, schools, orphanages, programs of family counseling and tuberculosis. 

After her death, Mother Teresa was beatified by the Pope John Paul II and also was given the title of “Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.”

The Great Personality - Mother Teresa:

The coverage of the Mother Teresa in the entire globe is significantly positive and she was also praised by large number of the organizations, governments and individuals. Nevertheless, further to this entire positive attitude, She also faced the different variety of the criticism. These criticisms consists of the diverse objections by the variety of the non Christians, consisting atheists Aroup Chatterjee and Christopher Hitchens and also the Hindu Vishva Hindu Parishad, besides proselytizing focus on her work. All this includes the suspected baptisms of dying, the powerful stance of the pro- life on the abortion and the certain belief in religious goodness of the poverty. Many remedial journals criticized medical care standard in hospices of her and the certain concerns were also increased about opaque environment in which is the money which was donated was exhausted. 

Mother Teresa Declining Health and Death: 

Mother Teresa suffered the heart attack in the year 1983 in Rome, while she was visiting thepope John Paul II. Again she got second heart attack in the year 1989 and then Mother Teresareceived the artificial pacemaker. After the conflict with the pneumonia in the Mexico in the year 1991,She suffered auxiliary heart problems. She was offered to resign the position as the head of Missionaries of the Charity but the nuns in secret ballot, voted for she to stay. Thus,Mother Teresa agreed to continue her services as the head of the Missionaries of the Charity. 

Global Recognition and Award:

Mother Teresa placed in state in St. Thomas in Calcutta for 1 week former to her interment in the year1997, in the month of September. She was also granted as the Status funeral by government of India in appreciations for her work to poor of all the religions in the country. She was first recognized by government of the country India and was also awarded as Padma Shri in the year 1962.She also sustained to receive the important Indian awards in the consecutive decades including, the Jawaharlal Nehru Award in the year 1972 for worldwide understanding. 

Controversies of Mother Teresa

The views of the Indians for her were also not consistently encouraging. Mother Teresa foremost critic, Aroup Chatterjee, who bred and born in Calcutta but resides in London says that “She was not the considerable entity in the city Calcutta, in her whole life. Chatterjee also blames her for promoting negative picture of his residence city. She profile and presence grates in the other parts of political world of India, as oftenly she opposed the Right of the Hindu. She was also clashed with the BJP for the Christian Dalits, but also praised her after her death by sending the envoy on her funeral. On other hand the Vishva Hindu Parishad opposed government’s decision to give her the status funeral.