Lin Miao ke Birthday (July 1st)

Lin Miao ke Birthday (July 1st)

Lin Miao ke Details

  • Date of Birth: July 1, 1999
  • School: Xizhongjie Primary School in Dongcheng District
  • Dream: to be a superstar
  • Interests: folk dance, piano, flute
  • Favorites: pen, paper, small blackboard (love to write) 
  • Favorite TV shows: CCTV-10 program, "Approaching science", "Hope for English", "Green space", etc.

Lin Miao ke, a little pretty Chinese girl in red costume who sang the nationalistic Chinese song named “Hymn to the Motherland” for the period of the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, was very conceited to have been selected as the “Face of China”. About 15% of the inhabitants of the world looks Lin Miao ke the “face of China,” sings - and sings well - a modest satisfaction can be a superior thing. : She received booming clapping from approximately 90,000 audience at National Stadium which is known as "Bird's Nest”, when : She presented "Sing a Song of Praise to the Motherland" since 56 children, all representing a cultural grouping of the state’s 56 nationalities, passed the national flag into stadium.

Who is Lin Miao ke?

Though Lin Miao ke is simply 9 years old. She was already a famous little star. She was born in calligraphy and painting family. Some people remarked about her that she was born superstar. When she was six years old, She came in ad with a celebrated Chinese actress- Zhao Wei. And it was noticed that she was as good as Zhao Wei ahead of the camera. And after it she signed up with an organization and emerged in many ads. she followers comprise celebrities like Liu Xiang.She studies at Xizhongjie Primary School in Dongcheng Area. And her  teachers are very helpful of her works. They frame missed education for her. She e also has her personal blog in which she writes about her work and life. 

How was Lin Miao ke Selected Through Zhang Yimou?

Lin Miao ke had involved in the promotional record for Beijing Olympics. She had been in commercial before. The publicity agency suggested Lin Miao ke to Zhang Yimou's group because they considered that she was a genuine person for this works both vocally and visually. 

What is Abroad Media Stating About Lin Miao ke?

Following the opening ceremony, at the news conference, Medias asked about a girl who presented "Sing a Song of Praise to the Motherland". Zhang Yimou said: “Lin Miao ke was selected from among many girls. she is a lovely girl and sings well. We decided later on to invite schoolchildren wearing the costumes of China's 56 nationalities. We also wanted to add a special piece, so we asked the girl to sing the song."

“Lin Miao ke is so lovely and I was moved by her performance," stated Alain Lunzenfichter, a journalist in French newspaper L'Equipe. "Her performance suited the joyous atmosphere very well."

From the period of Beijing Olympic Ceremony to the envelop of New York Times, Americans believe this girl a division of up to date China and this agrees with Chinese views. When the singly "Sing a Song of Praise to the Motherland" began, the remarks on the internet started.

What do Lin Miao ke and Her Father Consider?

Lin Miao ke father, Lin Hui, who is a senior press-photographer, appraised his daughter after the presentation: "I think she's pretty good although she was a little nervous. I looked carefully and saw that her fists were tightly clasped."While she declared: "I was very confident and didn't feel nervous at all." She said that in fact it was not similar as the dress trial. But Lin didn’t feel uneasy owing to the support of her directors and teachers. During performance she was very happy and excited. she presented a good performance and hugged into her mother’s arms."I'm a happy girl." she wrote on her personal blog. Lots of internet forums uttered that all Chinese natives explode into tears with her song that night.

What does Lin Miao ke Father Reflect about Her Becoming Eminent?

These days Lin Miao ke is very trendy on the websites. People believe that she will become next one child star same as Jin Ming, who emerged in Qiong Yao's TV series (it is a prominent love story playwright from Taiwan). 

When being inquired, if Lin Hui always thinks that she would become popular within one night owing to the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics, Lin Hui spoke: "I didn't expect this much commotion. I think it is all because of the good direction of Zhang Yimou. Everyone is patriotic and it was better to have a child sing the song instead of a grown up. It touched not only Chinese, but also foreigners."

People are remaking on the websites that she will become the Chinese No.1 child super star as well as Jin Ming. Her father stated to media that by the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics she had already focused many performances.