Hillary Clinton Birthday (October 26th)

Hillary Clinton Birthday (October 26th)

Hillary Clinton, the junior United States Senator from New York was born on October 26, 1947 at Chicago, Illinois to Hugh Rodham and Dorothy. Her father had a business of textiles and mother was a homemaker. Hugh and Tony are her two brothers. Her childhood was full of happiness and discipline.

In her school life Hillary Clinton was the favorite student of every teacher and had a great interest in sports due to which she won many prizes. She  was also the member of the National Honor Society and a student leader. Due to her capabilities her father and mother always encouraged her to choose the career in which she  is interested.

As Hillary Clinton was brought up in a politically conservative household created a sense of politics in her due to which in 1960 U.S. Presidential election she found fraud against the candidate Richard Nixon. Then for the first time in 1964 elections Hillary Clinton started campaigning for the candidate named Barry Goldwater. It was there she came in touch with the Goldwater’s classic The Conscience of a Conservative, civil rights leader named Martin Luther King Jr. and Methodist youth minister.

Hillary Clinton College Life

As Hillary Clinton has an interest in politics she took the subject of political science in Wellesley College in 1965. She became the president of the Wellesley young republicans at the very first year of her college life. Later on her mind has changed and she described herself as “a conservative mind and a heart liberal” in the letter written to the youth minister. She wanted to make the essential changes in the political system and after the murder of Martin Luther Hillary Clinton called a two day strike in the college and worked with the back students so that more black students can be recruited.

In 1968 Hillary Clinton became the president of the Wellesley college government association and her main motto was to keep away the troubles which might are common in other colleges. She also attended the Republican National Convention which was held in Miami in 1968.

In her final year of college Hillary  wrote the thesis regarding the skilful device of radical community with the help of Professor Schechter. Because of the pressure of her classmates she gave a speech for the first time in the college as a result of which she received a standing ovation. Her speech was so popular that it was published in Life magazine as well as in New England newspapers. LaterHillary Clinton appeared on the television talk show in Illinois.

Hillary Clinton  Study of Law

After doing the graduation in 1969 Hillary entered the Yale law school where her name was on the editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action. While doing her study of law she focused on the questions how law affected the children and started working as an advocate for the protection of abused children and their families. In 1970 Hillary  got a chance to work at Marian’s Wright Edelman’s Washington Research Project under the Senator Walter Mondale’s subcommittee on Migratory labor where she  focused on the problems of migrant workers.

She also met Bill Clinton in the same college and the couple started dating. Rodham got Juris doctor degree in 1973 but to remain with Clinton Hillary stayed in that school for a year more. Also the couple is involved in the campaigning of the candidate George Mc Govern for the democratic presidential elections. After doing her graduation she  started doing post graduation on children and medicine at the Yale child study centre. While doing this she also wrote an article “Children under the Law” regarding the children’s rights movement which was later on published in Harvard Educational Review.

Hillary Clinton Marriage and Family

After her graduation Hillary Clinton became a staff attorney for the children’s defense fund and in 1974 she  served as a member of the impeachment inquiry staff in Washington D.C. where she used to advice the House committee on the judiciary during Watergate Scandal. After that Hillary stopped her work because of the repeated proposals of marriage by the Clinton.In 1974 after passing the Arkansas exam Hillary  followed the Bill Clinton to Arkansas and became the one of the female faculty member in the School of Law and the University of Arkansas where Clinton also taught.

Life in Arkansas

Both Bill Clinton and Hilary Rodham get married on October 11, 1975 in a Methodist ceremony. After their marriage Hillary took the decision of not changing her surname as Clinton to avoid conflicts between the professional and personal lives. In 1976 when Bill Clinton became the Attorney General of the ArkansasHillary Clinton continued to advocate for children by writing the articles like “Children’s Rights” and “Children’s Policies”. Hillary Clinton always served on the boards for the Children defense fund and Legal Services Corporation.

In 1979 for the first time Hillary Clinton came into limelight as the First Lady of Arkansas when Hillary Clinton was appointed on the chair of the Rural Health Advisory Committee by his husband. Hillary Clintonalso became the owner of the Rose Law firm in the same year which Hillary Clinton had joined in 1977. In 1980 Hillary Clinton gave a birth to the girl child name Chelsea.

In 1982 when Bill Clinton again returned to the governor’s office Hillary Clinton started using her surname as Clinton instead of Rodham. she also served on the chair of Arkansas educational Standards Committee in 1983 where she worked on the Arkansas education system due to which she fought successful battle against the Arkansas education Association. In order to built up the small children she started a program known as Arkansas Home instruction Program in which the parents can work with their children in their preschool. Due to this Hillary Clinton recognized as Arkansas woman of the year in 1983 and Arkansas Mother of the year in 1984.

As a partner in law firm she continues her career and also the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession was chaired by her. Her main motto at that time was to raise the awareness of the issues like sexual harassment and equal pay. In 1988 and 1991 her name was considered in the topmost 100 lawyers in America by the National Law Journal.Bill Clinton as President

When Bill Clinton was elected as a president in 1992 Hillary got the national attention for the first time as the First Lady of the United States who is holding a post graduate degree and who took the office in the West wing in the White House instead of the East wing. After the death of her father in 1993 she decided to bring a change in the people thoughts in terms of fashions, and hairstyles.

After getting the success in Arkansas education reform Bill Clinton appointed his wife as the head and the chairwoman of the Task Force on the National Health Care Reform but the plan didn’t succeed but her commitment has never wavered.

She was recognized as God for the women because she always fought for the rights of women with the idea that women rights are also the human rights. She continued her work by providing the immunizations to the children and encouraging the woman’s to detect the breast cancer. She also helped the veterans suffering from the Gulf War Syndrome. Regarding all these matters she hosted the number of conferences like Child Care, Early childhood development and learning, White House conference on teenagers and philanthropy.

Controversies of Hillary Clinton

Lewinsky Scandal

Clinton’s became a subject of gossip when it has revealed that the president had the extramarital affairs with the Monika Lewinsky. Firstly Hillary denied all these comments by saying that it was a result of vast rightwing conspiracy but later on when president himself revealed the truth to her. She became shocked and was not sure to continue her relation with him.

When people came to know the truth regarding their relations they pass the different remarks on their relation but she closed this chapter by saying that “Bill Clinton is the most interesting and the energizing person Hillary Clinton ever met in her life”.


After the retirement of Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1998 Clinton was forced to run an open seat in the United States Senate election of 2000 by several Democratic figures. At this time Hillary Clinton became the first lady of the United States who is selected for the elections. In these elections her opponents are Rudy Giuliani and Rick Lazio but later Rudy withdraw his name because of prostate cancer.

Hillary started campaigning by traveling in every country and promised to improve the economic structure of those areas by providing 200,000 jobs and by increasing the business investment in the high tech sector. Also she promised the people to cut off the tax for the college tuitions.

Due to her promises she became successful in gaining the confidence of the people which helps in winning the elections and ultimately she was sworn as United States senator on January 3, 2001.

During her tenure as a Senator Hillary Clinton maintained a low profile and always takes part in the Senate Prayer Breakfast. She played a vital role in the recovery of the damage caused by the 11th September, 2001 attacks. She also investigated the health problems of the people who got injuries in these attacks.

She fought against the terrorism by giving her vote in the favor of Iraq War Resolution. When the war began she made continuous trips to Iraq and Afghanistan and passed the legislation to increase the size of army by employing 80,000 soldiers.

As her tenure completes as a Senator Hillary Clinton was again selected for a second Senate term and won the elections on November 7, 2006 with 67 percent vote. During her second term as a Senator the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has to resign.


As the first lady of the United States Hillary Clinton wrote about the experiences of the women, children and the families in weekly column titled “Talking it Over” whom she met during her trips. She also wrote a book named “It Takes a Village And Other Lessons Children Teach Us” for which she later received a Grammy Award for best spoken word album in 1997. In 2003 she wrote an autobiography “Living History” for which she got $8 million in advance.

Other books were Dear Socks, Dear Buddy Kids’ Letters to the first Pets”, “An Invitation to the White House At Home with History” and “Beatrice’s Goat”.

As a whole Hillary Clinton leaves an image of the recognized figure in American politics.