Dawn Richard Birthday (August 5th)

Dawn Richard Birthday (August 5th)

Dawn Angelique Richard was born 5 August 1983 is an American vocalist, lyricst, dancer, and member of the music band, Danity Kane. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.She is Haitian-American even though she now lives in Baltimore, Maryland because of Hurricane Katrina). Music has played a significant role in her life since early days of life. Not just her father was a member of the famous and well known music band Chocolate Milk, but her mother possessed a dancing school where she spent maximum of her childhood days honing her talents at choreography and singing. Apart from music, she was a high school national basketball title holder, over and above a state bowling champion. She was a excellent shcolar, and joined the University of New Orleans, specialising in art, under a full academic discount.

From cheerleading at De La Salle high school, playing softball there, playing basketball at Nicholls StateUniversity (where Dawn Richard was also a Cheerleader), she has always maintained a hectic timetable. Now a Senior Marketing Major at the University of New Orleans and a Hornets Honeybee, and Making the Band 3 Semi Finalist, her life has taken many twists. Deciding to sing was at the start a struggle. However, her outlook, her energy and her aptitude has triumphed over the rub and bruises of the fields and courts of her past. Sorry Fellas, a Singer at Southern University of New Orleans has her heart and fully hold up her in all her endeavours. As she embarks on her making the Band 3 practice, she said Dawn Richard will miss the other Honeybees, the passionate locker room experiences and the liveliness of the Hornet fans.

Dawn Richard Career

Early on in her youth life, Dawn Richard started off as a singer in the midst of neighbourhood. New Orleans group, known as "Realiti," before following her impulse and perorming solo under the name "Dawn Angelique." By the assistance from her family and friends she launched a solo album called "Been a While." While it had no releases and didn't chart, it was still sufficient enough to fix her a place in the inaugrating act for Anthony Hamilton. For a short while, leaving music behind, she paid attention to dance, turning to a National Basketball Association dancer for the New Orleans Hornets while attending university.

Dawn Richard big hit came when in 2005, she auditioned for the MTV show making the Band 3 in Orlando, where she was selected to contest for a place in Diddy's future girl-group. She out performed many contestants to fix herself a place, together with Aubrey O'Day, Aundrea Fimbres, Wanita Woodgette which is now known as "D. Woods", and Shannon Bex in the newly sstructured musical band, which would soon be called Danity Kane.

The suggestion for the name of the band arrised from one of her portrait. An enthusiastic follower of manga, while Danity Kane was in the studio, she shaped a female superhero which trapped the notice of Diddy. When she was inquired about the character's name was she answered "Danity Kane," and to Diddy this corresponded to the girls of making the Band 3.He then took the decision that it should be the name of the band. The name and story were first launched during Danity Kane's TRL emergence on June 14th, 2006. Not only this, she has also remixed a song with London-based musician Cherri V, whose name is "Fast Car." From that time the song has become one of the most listened to songs on Cherri V's myspace. During a MTV News break, it was stated that she is working on an untitled comic book.

Dawn Richard Personal Life

Danity Kane, Day26, and Donnie J. Klang appeared jointly on the second session of making the Band 4. The sequel presented the two groups perfotming together, living together, and the relationships and rapport between members of the bands. All through the series it showed her relationship with Day26's Qwanell Mosley nurtured. The close companionship bloomed into a bit much more and the two even shared a kiss in one of the episodes. On the live season finale, when sway, reporter and managerial producer for MTV News, inquired about the two about their relationship, and they said they are willing to claim each other, turning their relationship certified. From that time, Dawn Richard and Mosley have been spotted together in various communal places such as nightclubs and industry parties. She made a Cameo in Day26's Music Video “Since You've Been Gone appearing as Qwanell's love concern and Qwanell appeared in Danity Kane's brand new video "Bad Girl" as Dawn Richard's Doctor (Dr. Q).