Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck was born on the 12th of August 1975, to Tim and Chris Affleck at Falmouth, Massachusetts, this Oscar award nominee, Casey Affleck, has sure come a long way since the first time Casey Affleck started to act in Hollywood flicks. Now divorced, Casey Affleck father, an actor-bartender while his mother, a teacher at the Cambridge, used to put up at the university. With a debut on television screen in 1990 in the series, The Kennedys of Massachusetts, it took another four years for this distinguished actor to start off with his Hollywood career and further a few more years, to actually make his mark and escape from the shadow of his brother, Ben Affleck’s popularity.

Casey Affleck A stepping stone towards acting: After facing the divorce of his parents, Casey Affleck was supposedly living with his mother in Cambridge, though his father’s acting skills had already been passed on to him and Casey Affleck knew Casey Affleck wanted to live up this passion on acting. Considering his abilities, mother Chris, who luckily was in close contact of a casting director, helped youngest son Casey Affleck to start auditioning for films with his first stint in the 1988 tele show, The Lemon Sky, but the major start off show being The Kennedy’s of Massachusetts in the character of Bobby Kennedy boy. Along with his brother Ben, and Matt Damon, Casey Affleck took up a stage and film acting course at the Cambridge completing which Casey Affleck moved to California. With his first major Hollywood appearance in the 1995 flick, to die for (which was achieved after a long struggle), Casey Affleck started his life struggle to fame at the Hollywood.

In 1997, Casey Affleck got a chance to act along with his brother Ben in Chasing Amy On Casey Affleck relationship with brother Ben As opposed to a much more hyped, well built and more successful Ben, Casey Affleck had been still fighting out to carve a niche for himself, and with the endless comparisons of him and his brother, it would have been quiet normal, if Casey Affleck had somehow turned his relationship towards a bitter jealousy. But their highest level of bonding and support for each other is a major reason behind their success, as per their suppositions. After receiving his first paycheck, Casey Affleck had quoted somewhere that, “My first check wasn't that big, but it was enough to pay my bills and buy my brother Ben a computer" Casey Affleck everlasting roles: Although, Casey Affleck has done a string of supporting roles as well as cameos over the decade for numerous films like Chasing Amy, To Die For and the American Pie, But his skills were noticed at large in the Ocean’s series. But of course, till date, his most successful and probably the one that brought the most accolades was his character of the assassin in the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford for which Casey Affleck was nominated at the prestigious Oscar Awards in the best male in a supporting role category. The role in his brother’s directorial debut, gone baby Gone, also was loved and appreciated by majority of people proving his abilities of shouldering a film involving bigger celebrities. Casey Affleck love life: After a six year long love affair and a baby with Summer Phoenix, they both tied knot on June 3rd, 2006 in a low profile wedding ceremony at the Savannah, Georgia. The couple had their first son in 2004 at Amsterdam, whom they named Indiana while they were lately blessed with another boy in 2008. It is believed that summer had met Casey Affleck each somewhere in the year 2000 through her brother, Joaquin Phoenix, who is also supposed to be Casey Affleck’s best friend. Nominations and awards won for Casey Affleck Casey Affleck’s nomination spree had started in the year 2002 after the success of Ocean’s 11 for which Casey Affleck was nominated at the Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards for Best Acting Ensemble.

The year 2007 came as a year of success as in the same year; Casey Affleck was nominated for six prestigious awards namely the Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford at the 2007 Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, Critics' Choice Awards, Chicago Film Critics, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards. The same year Casey Affleck won the 2007 Hollywood Film Festival - Breakthrough Actor of the Year, 2007 National Society of Film Critics Best Supporting Actor. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, 2007 National Board of Review - Best Supporting Actor. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford , 2007 San Francisco Film Critics Circle - Best Supporting Actor - The Assassination of Jesse Jame s by the Coward Robert Ford and 2007 Satellite Awards - Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Drama. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. But the most cherished nomination came over in the next year i.e. in 2008 when Casey Affleck was listed as one of the contenders at the Oscars.