Zachary Taylor Twelfth Birthday (November 24th)

Zachary Taylor Twelfth Birthday (November 24th)

Zachary Taylor was the twelfth president of U.S.A. Before that he was a soldier who fought for slavery as well as for his nation.

Zachary Taylor Childhood

Zachary Taylor was born in orange country, Virginia on 24 November 1784. His father Colonel Richard Lee Taylor and mother Sarah Strother had nine children. Zachary was their third child. His family shifted to Kentucky near Louisville when he was eight month old. His family did  agriculture work for their living. He got only fundamental educationin the age of 18. He earned fame when he made a record by swim from the Ohino River to the Indian Ocean and come back by the same route.

Zachary Taylor Married Life

Zachary Taylor met his wife Margaret in early on 1810 and got married on 21st June 1810.Both they had six children five daughter and one son

  • Ann Mackall Taylor (9April , 1811) , Sarah Knox "Knoxie" Taylor (6March , 1814)
  • Octavia Pannill Taylor (16August ,1816)
  • Mary Smith Taylor (27thJuly , 1819 )
  • Their two kids died in childhood.

War Fought by Zachary Taylor

  1. Zachary Taylor joined and became first lieutenant of the 7th infantry company. He was prepared to take control of the Battle of Fort Harrison into west of Territory. He became captain in 1810. The Battle of Fort Harrison has been known as "first American land victory of the battle of 1812”. He was sponsored to lieutenant colonel on20th April , 1819, and colonel on 5April , 1832.
  2. Black Hawk War (May-August 1832)
  3. The Second Seminole War (1835-1842)

The Hero- for the period of the Seminole battle, Taylor got an endorsement to brigadier general in January, 1838. After that he called by his pet name "Old Rough and Ready" He got the rank of powerful general of U.S. forces in Florida. James K. Polk the President forced Congress to declare war against México. After it they attacked Taylor’s troops at Rio Grande in 1846, here Taylor won Buena Vista and Monterrey wars. he became a nationalized hero.

Zachary Taylor Political Life and Work in Favor of Mankind

In 1848  election he was elected by the wing party he beated Lewis Cass earlier president and the third party applicant name - Martin van buren.

The Whigs elected him to fight against the independent candidate, Lewis Cass. Taylor was against bondage labor and  northerners were with him in this mission. their votes help Taylor in winning the election. That time people decided if they are with slavery or not, to finish this argument over bondage labor Taylor advised pioneer in cities -New Mexico and California, to plan constitutions and relation for statehood, avoiding the suspicious point. Southerners were angry, because state government was not expected to allow slavery; leaders of the congress party were distressed, as they thought the President will take over their policies which they had made in their favor.

Taylor's  solution overlooked a number of delicate surface topics: the northern hate of the striver marketplace working in the area of Columbia; and southern stress for a harsher escapee slave law. President Zachary Taylor had apprehended an aggressive discussion with leaders of the South America in February 1850 who threatened to dissolve the session. He informed them that “if required to implement the rules, he in person would direct the Army”. Taylor said to those persons who were supporting slavery that "taken in rebellion against the Union, he would hang ... with less reluctance than he had hanged deserters and spies in Mexico.” 

His Tragic end-July 4, 1850 he was in Washington for Independence Day celebrations where he ate cherries with ice milk which was not suited his health and he died on the spot. He was of 65 years at that time. On 5thJuly, after five days of his death the reason was found as gastroenteritis. The writer Michael Parenti wrote a section in his book “History as Mystery year 1999’’ and it was also called "The Strange Death of Zachary Taylor"

The Taylor Cabinet
Office Name Term
President Zachary Taylor 1849–1850
Vice President Millard Fillmore 1849–1850
Secretary of State John M. Clayton 1849–1850
Secretary of Treasury William M. Meredith 1849–1850
Secretary of War George W. Crawford 1849–1850
Attorney General Reverdy Johnson 1849–1850
Postmaster General Jacob Collamer 1849–1850
Secretary of the Navy William B. Preston 1849–1850
Secretary of the Interior Thomas Ewing, Sr. 1849–1850