World Zoonoses Day 2017

What is Zoonoses?

Zoonoses is an ailment that is transmitted from animals to human beings. 

When is World Zoonoses Day celebrated?

World Zoonoses Day is observed on July 6 every year to emphasize and bring the problem awareness amongst people, and teach them to take right action.


  • The most prevalent of such diseases these days are leptospirosis, and "mad cow disease". But rabies is the deadliest of all. 
  • So World Zoonoses Day becomes essential to have oneself and one's pets vaccinated against these deadlydiseases. 
  • All animals living as pets and food animals should be regularly vaccinated. World Zoonoses Day is so because even pets can prove dangerous sometimes. Secondly the meat would not be fit for consumption if the animal is not properly vaccinated. 
  • However, World Zoonoses Day becomes a serious issue when most people show very casual attitude towards vaccination. 
  • Some are fearful that it can be harmful for their health. 

Initiatives from different organization

  • The GSPCA, an organization concerning the issue, holds camps for vaccination at Goa. 
  • Its responsibility is to inoculate street dogs from the disease of rabies. 
  • There are many advertisements that take place in the press media with announcement of the time and venue about those camps. 
  • You can also volunteer your services at these camps. 
  • The organization encourages dog owners from the surrounding locality for the purpose of vaccination at free of cost.
  • They also urge the youngsters to take initiatives to bring dogs of the neighbors to fulfill this purpose.
  • The GSPCA also hold sterilization camps in areas requested and required on the Zoonoses day. 
  • In the year 2007, SPCA of the Goa invitation was requested by the Merces Panchayat citizens in order to solve the purpose of running a camp on vaccination against rabies at free of cost. 
    They also conduct lectures in different schools. 
  • They imparted lectures on animal first aid and prevention of rabies. 
  • Citizens of the Merces Vigilant Association gave the donation for the vaccines. 
  • lmost 167 stay and pet dogs were immunized to fight rabies by this celebration. 
  • World Zoonoses Day was observed by the Animal Husbandry Department at Meharban village in Ludhiana on July 6, 2007. 
  • To increase awareness of zoonotic diseases is the purpose of the camp

Facts and Figures

  • These diseases are communicated from animals to human beings due to the lack of knowledge of prevention and necessary precautions for the pets as well as stray animals.
  • Nowadays, there is effective prevention through advance measures in medical science and vaccination. 
  • Stray Animals Committee inaugurated the campaign. 
  • The department also inaugurated the anti-rabies vaccination campaign for dogs, to control rabies and inform about zoonotic diseases like rabies, TB, brucellosis and worm infections. 
  • Rabies Control Society surveyed that almost 30,000 people in India and more than 50,000 people all over the world loose their lives every year due to zoonotic diseases like rabies and TB. 
  • The participation of panchayats of various villages in the campaign is considered important because their cooperation to control zoonotic diseases is really valuable. 
  • The illiterate majority of the village should be knowledgeable enough to minimize the death rate due to such diseases.
  • Such camps are worthwhile only if the villagers and illiterate population is able to take the maximum advantage to follow preventive measures. 
  • The function of the zoonoses day is also organized with the help of various companies dealing in veterinary products. 

Different programs

  • On World Zoonoses Day, team of experts delivers lectures. 
  • They also participate in the technical-cum-interactive seminar with the dairy farmers. 
  • The discussion is regarding common diseases of animals, the importance of vaccination and theimportance of proper sheds. 
  • Our farmers are probably one of the largest victims of the zoonotic diseases. So there participation in such camps becomes all the more important. 
  • They should be imparted knowledge to save themselves against such deadly diseases. 
  • Their families should be a part of such educative sessions. 
  • government should provide sufficient funds to organize such camps in every vulnerable locality. 
  • People should be informed of the organization of camp few days before, to have maximum participation. 
  • Even we can help the country by educating the servants, maids, lab ours and other unaware majority to attend such camps and follow the rules for their safety. 

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