World Population Day 2014

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World population day  2014 theme is "A time to reflect on population trends and related issues " and 2013 theme is "Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services"

World Population Day celebrates on the day of 11th July. The United States excel a highlight with the World Population on the exceptional challenge faced through the growing defenses of young citizens. About 3 billion peoples, or almost half world’s population, are considered below the period of 25. 

United Nations Population finance’s member Rogelio Fernandez declares that this is the significant moment for politician to endow in the opportunities of youth in upwarding countries. 

The population structure: 

“The population organization is altering in a numerous way that various young people coming into prolific ages, trade markets are continuously growing while various needy people and mainly children under 15 are declining, Rogelio Fernandez Castilla said. “So that create a window of chance where speculation to increase the human assets and spend in increasing the effort, efficiency is going to produce tremendous returns.”

Whereas World Population Day may look light in the comparison to additional holidays. United Nations’ Statistics reveal that we often ignore population matter at our own risk. While family unit are having many children at present they did in the year of 1960s. In the pitiable countries, lushness remains high. About 350 million pairs do not have any knowledge about family unit planning services.

Cause of Increase Population:

Half of the world’s populations are below the age of 25. In 57 increasing countries, above 40 percent of the inhabitant is considered under the age of 15. Approximately 3 billion young people and children are of reproductive age. 

In spite of becoming later marriage in a lot of countries, about 82 million girls who are about 10 to 17 years, marry before the age of 18. 

Pregnancy is the main reason of death for young girls aged 15 to 19 years worldwide. Complications of childbirth and risky abortion are the major factors.

Linkages among poverty, population and prolonging developments create population a worldwide consideration. 

There are lacks of condition of reproductive services in growing countries which effects whole world. We‘ll not have to wait too long to see the results of population dynamic. 

Some predictions about populations:

In future till October, the US will happen to be a nation of about 300 million American people. Approximately 2040 the population will expand till 400 million. Mainly for its olden times, the US has connected population intensification with cultural and economic authority. To remain worldwide spirited, countries need employees and employees support the matured during the taxes they disburse. 

United Nations Fund Population Assistance:

In spite of the urgent requirement for worldwide reproductive and family unit planning programs, the Bush management remains opposed to financial support in these programs, persuaded that in the upwarding world, contraceptives and sex education for young people are the best guidance to “amorality” and promiscuity. The Bush management has constantly withdrawn donations to the United Nations Fund Population (UNFPA), world’s leading joint society on population. The UNFPA is famous international supporter for reproductive fitness and rights, together with the right to select the digits, timing and gapping of one’s children. The UNFPA assists countries in using facts for policies and series to deal with the complex connections among poverty, dynamics and prolonging development.


Mr. Fernandez Castilla speaks about the chances fronted by expansion of the prolific sector are raged in various countries by the escalating extend of HIV/AIDS, mainly in Africa. Again he speaks about World Population Day actions are meant at lifting awareness concerning HIV/AIDS.

He said “one of the highest pressures in Africa that many societies are facing the disease of HIV/AIDS,” “if World Population Day helps to produce higher consciousness and encourage the young people that there are many ways to defend themselves from this disease that will be an optimistic result of World Population Day.”

Supremacy of the United States:

Most prominently to the sustained preeminence of the United States, the country at the peak of the writer’s list is the frequently declared as America’s head competitor for world supremacy- China. Although having one child per pair plan has done: the state’s delivery rate has submerged.

World Population Day Themes

World Population day 2012 & 2013 Theme -Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services

World Population Day 2011 Theme - 7 Billion Actions

World Population Day 2010 Theme- Be Counted: Say What You Need

World Population Day 2009 Theme- Fight Poverty: Educate Girls

World Population Day 2008 Theme - Plan Your Family, Plan Your Future

World Population Day 2007 Theme - Men at Work

World Population Day 2006 Theme - Being Young is Tough

World Population Day 2005 Theme - Equality Empowers

World Population Day 2004 Theme - ICPD at 10

World Population Day 2003 Theme - 1,000,000,000 adolescents

UN estimates (in thousands)

Year World Africa Asia Europe Latin America US and Canada Oceania
2000 6,070,581 795,671 (13.1%) 3,679,737 (60.6%) 727,986 (12.0%) 520,229 (8.6%) 315,915 (5.2%) 31,043 (0.5%)
2005 6,453,628 887,964 (13.8%) 3,917,508 (60.7%) 724,722 (11.2%) 558,281 (8.7%) 332,156 (5.1%) 32,998 (0.5%)
2010 6,830,283 984,225 (14.4%) 4,148,948 (60.7%) 719,714 (10.5%) 594,436 (8.7%) 348,139 (5.1%) 34,821 (0.5%)
2015 7,197,247 1,084,540 (15.1%) 4,370,522 (60.7%) 713,402 (9.9%) 628,260 (8.7%) 363,953 (5.1%) 36,569 (0.5%)
2020 7,540,237 1,187,584 (15.7%) 4,570,131 (60.6%) 705,410 (9.4%) 659,248 (8.7%) 379,589 (5.0%) 38,275 (0.5%)
2025 7,851,455 1,292,085 (16.5%) 4,742,232 (60.4%) 696,036 (8.9%) 686,857 (8.7%) 394,312 (5.0%) 39,933 (0.5%)
2030 8,130,149 1,398,004 (17.2%) 4,886,647 (60.1%) 685,440 (8.4%) 711,058 (8.7%) 407,532 (5.0%) 41,468 (0.5%)
2035 8,378,184 1,504,179 (18.0%) 5,006,700 (59.8%) 673,638 (8.0%) 731,591 (8.7%) 419,273 (5.0%) 42,803 (0.5%)
2040 8,593,591 1,608,329 (18.7%) 5,103,021 (59.4%) 660,645 (8.0%) 747,953 (8.7%) 429,706 (5.0%) 43,938 (0.5%)
2045 8,774,394 1,708,407 (19.5%) 5,175,311 (59.0%) 646,630 (7.4%) 759,955 (8.7%) 439,163 (5.0%) 44,929 (0.5%)
2050 8,918,724 1,803,298 (20.2%) 5,217,202 (58.5%) 653,323 (7.3%) 767,685 (8.6%) 447,931 (5.0%) 45,815 (0.5%)

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