William Wheaton Birthday (July 29th)

William Wheaton Birthday (July 29th)

Richard William Wheaton, an actor and writer was born on 29th July, 1972 in Burbank- California. William Wheaton applies the name Will Wheaton as an actor name.

William Wheaton Biography

William Wheaton Family

  • Father- Richard “Rick” William – a medical specialist
  • Mother- Debbie Wheaton – an actress
  • Wife- Anne Prince- a receptionist
  • Kids- step kids- Ryan Thomas Kopp, Nolan Eric Kopp.
  • Biography of William Wheaton


William Wheaton History

When William Wheaton was eight years old, William Wheaton obtained his initial stage show, emerging with Bill Cosby in a Jell-O pudding viable. The subsequently year, 1982, William Wheaton was significantly marked in the commentary live The Secret of NIMH. Through out this period, William Wheaton created his Los Angeles stage show in a Company of Angels Theatre making of All My Sons. His star production spin was as the Stephen King, Gordie Lachance and in the 1986 trait Stand By Me. Then William Wheaton continued to present the title role in Disney TV- movie Young Harry Houdini. William Wheaton achieved universal fame as Ensign Wesley Crusher in the daily TV sequence Star Trek: The Next Generation, a performance William Wheaton played from 1987 to 1990. From the time as leaving STNG, William Wheaton has created a smooth evolution to adult performances in films for instance Flubber.

William Wheaton Career

Now a famous occupant and an author of the Internet, Wheaton is well known to mainly people as Wesley Crusher, much criticized youngster character on TV’s Star Trek: The Next Generation. William Wheaton started his performing career in his young age, in the 1980s William Wheaton had emerged in various small performances on TV and in movies. William Wheaton roll as Gordie in the film Stand By Me (1986) received sold reviews, it appeared as if William Wheaton was on a top in movies, with the co-star Kiefer Sutherland, Jerry O'Connell and River Phoenix. And then William Wheaton became a usual cast member of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-90), performing with the young son of Dr.Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden), depicting the hostility of some verbal hardcore Star Trek admirer, did not prefer his character. While making a Television series, William Wheaton worked hard to make a film career and got a little success. After some time William Wheaton departed the show after 3 years. A self announced “Geek”, William Wheaton established the second career with the development of Internet and World Wide Web. William Wheaton wrote his own experience and became an energetic member in diverse Internet organizations. During the year of 2003, William Wheaton issued a book of realistic tales, Dancing Barefoot, which directed to the book contract and William Wheaton published the second book, “Just a Geek” (2004). William Wheaton carried on doing work in TV, independent movies and video games. William Wheaton is also a component of an improvisational jesting cluster called the ACME Comedy Theatre.


William Wheaton Movie

  • Four Fingers of the Dragon (2003)
  • Never land (2003)
  • Brother Bear (2003) (voice)
  • Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) (briefly; extensive scene erased but appears as DVD extra)
  • Jane White Is Sick & Twisted (2002)
  • Fish Don't Blink (2002)
  • Speechless... (2001)
  • The Good Things (2001)
  • Deep Core (2000))
  • Python (2000
  • The Girls' Room (2000)
  • Foreign Correspondents (1999)
  • Fag Hag (1998)
  • Trekkies (1997)
  • Tales of Glamour and Excess (1997)
  • Flubber (1997)
  • Pie in the Sky (1996)
  • Boys Night Out (1996)
  • "Life stories: Families In Crisis" (1995)
  • The Liars' Club (1993)
  • Toy Soldiers (1991)
  • December (1991)
  • She's Having a Baby (1988) (uncredited Cameo)
  • The Curse (1987)
  • Stand By Me (1986)
  • The Buddy System (1984)
  • Hambone and Hillie (1984)
  • The Last Star fighter (1984) (scenes erased from movie but included as DVD extra)
  • The Secret of NIMH (1982) (accent)

Video Games

  • Ever Quest II (2004) (voice)
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004) (voice)


  • Dancing Barefoot (ISBN 0596006748) (2003)
  • Just A Geek (ISBN 059600768X) (2004)

Personal Quotes

"I am a huge geek. And Star Trek was a haven for geeks." dialogue, 2005.
(On his teenage years) I was such a geek that if I could go back in time, I would kick my own ass.


Where Are They Now

  • (August 2002) preserves the active wilwheaton.net, one of the most current admirer sites on the Internet
  • (September 2003) Has published a successful book titled "Dancing Barefoot," which is a collection of essays about experiments in his life.
  • (December 2003) Signed a 3-book contract with publisher O'Reilly & contacts for books "Dancing Barefoot," "Just a Geek" (expected spring 2004), and "Will Wheaton's Web Design" (expected summer 2004).
  • (February 2005) Writes a weekly article called "Games of Our Lives" for the Onion A.V. club. The article is about epoch- and nostalgia-worthy video games.
  • (September 2005) Currently working on his third book, "You Want Kids With That?" a collected works of stories about his days as a stepfather that came out on his blog. To be available by his own Monolith Press.
  • (September 2007) issued his third book, "The Happiest Days of Our Lives," during his own Monolith Press.
  • (2006) Put occupation on his book "You Want Kids with That?" on hold.
  • (2004) terminated his contract with publisher O'Reilly & Associates.