Triple H Birthday (July 27th)

Triple H Birthday (July 27th)

Triple H Birth Details

Paul Michael Levesque (Triple H) an American proficient wrestler was born on 27th July, 1969 in Nashua, New Hampshire. He is well known with the ring name Triple H, a short form of his autograph, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Now he is marked to World Wrestling Entertainment endorsement on its “RAW” brand.

Before connecting WWE, in 1993 Paul started Triple H wrestling occupation with WCW (World Championship Wrestling), wrestling below the ring name Terra Ryzing. Paul altered his ring name to Jean Paul Levesque before linking WWE in 1995, was known as World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

After joining WWE, Triple H has got 11 times world championship and six times WWE Championship and five times World Heavyweight Championship. As well as Triple H won King of the Ring in 1997 and the 2002 Royal Rumble. Triple H became the second Grand Slam Champion.

Triple H wedded Stephanie McMahon in 2003 and became in the relation son-in-Law of WWE chairman Vince McMahon. Besides of wrestling, Triple H has made several guest forms in movies and on TV. Triple H is coming in the latest WWE movie Journey of Death.

Triple H Early life

Though skinny and tall for his period, Triple H participated in Baseball and basketball. Triple H was also an admirer of proficient wrestling. In his young age, Triple H liked a wrestler Ric Flair.
When Triple H was 14 years old, Triple H became alert for bodybuilding. Later than completing his graduation in 1987, Triple H participated various body building competitions. At the age of 19, Triple H was topped Teenage Mr. New Hampshire. At the same time Triple H met Ted Arcidi and started a career in professional wrestling.

Triple H Career

Triple H Early career

In 1992 Triple H joined a Killer Kowalski's wrestling school. It was suggested to him through Ted Arcidi. Triple H admitted the Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF). Triple H became an IWF Tag team Champion and IWF Heavyweight Champion with colleague Kowalski beginner, Perry Saturn. During the IWF Triple H began using the name Terra Ryzing.



Triple H commercial forms consist of ads in May 2006 for Miller Lite where he states “Man Laws” by the choices of Burt Reynolds, Jerome Bettis and Eddie Griffin. At the same month, Triple H also emerged in the commercial for USA Set-up with Anthony Michael Hall which fractious promoted RAW and Hall’s show, The Dead Zone. Paul has emerged in viable for bodybuilding addition such as YJ Stinger and Stacker2. He also emerged in a Wendy’s viable clutching up a Triple Classic Burger working it the “Triple H Burger”.


Triple H appeared in the film Blade; Trinity, as a parasite enforcer named Jarko Grim wood.Paul is coming WWE movie Journey of Death.

Triple H has also emerged in numerous WWE Home Video cds, together with Triple H: The Game and Triple H: That Damn Good in 2002, D-Generation-X, an issue of the VHS edition in 2006 and The New Improved DX in 2007. A latest DVD marking the highlights of his career, Triple H: Kings of Kings is listed to be released in 2008.

Triple H Personal Life

Before wedding Stephanie McMahon, Triple H was in a correlation with Joanie Laurer. They remained together for four years from 1996-2000. Triple H married Stephanie McMahon on25thOctober, 2003. They had a daughter named Aurora Rose Levesque.

Triple H has a sis named Lynn, and Paul is an uncle to her 2 kids: Nayssa and Peter. Triple H is an uncle to brother-in-law Shane McMahon’s 2 children: Kenyon and Declan. Triple H in laws are Linda McMahon and Vince.

In 2004, Triple H released the book named Making The Game: Triple H’s loom to a Better Body. Frequently dutiful to bodybuilding counsel, the book also consist of some autobiographical memoirs, opinions and information.

Triple H is an admirer of metal group Motor head.

In 14th November 2006, conference with rapper The Game, it was exposed that Paul is occupied in a court case by him above the rights to the name, “The Game”.

On 13th February, 2008, declared that Triple H and his partner Stephanie are waiting for a next child in the summer of 2008.

At the 2008 version of Backlash Triple H won the WWE Championship for the 7th time lashing the recent record for sways which is apprehended by The Rock.