Radovan Karadzic Birthday (June 19th)

Radovan Karadzic Birthday (June 19th)

Radovan Karadzic Birth Details

Radovan Karadzic was born on June 19, 1945 in Petnjica, Yugoslavia.

Importance of Radovan Karadzic

•Radovan Karadzic was a Bosnian Serb politician.
•Radovan Karadzic is also a poet and psychiatrist.
•Radovan Karadzic is presently imprisioned for some crime charges of war.

Radovan Karadzic Personal Life

•Radovan Karadzic father was Vuko.
•Radovan Karadzic was a member of the “Chetniks.”
•It was the army of the Yugoslavia's government in exile during World War II.
•During his childhood, his father was imprisoned by the post-war Communist regime. Radovan Karadzic shifted to Sarajevo, Yugoslavia in 1960.
•Radovan Karadzic took admission to study psychiatry at the Sarajevo University School of Medicine. During 1970, Radovan Karadzic gained knowledge on typical ailments like neurotic disorders and depression at Næstved Hospital in Denmark.
•In the year 1974 – 1975, Radovan Karadzic underwent a medical training at Columbia University in New York.
•When Radovan Karadzic came back to Yugoslavia, Radovan Karadzic joined the Kosevo Hospital.
•During that period, under the influence of the Serbian writer Dobrica Cosic, Radovan Karadzic started writing poems.
•Radovan Karadzic also motivated him to join politics. Radovan decieved Bosnia's Green Party.
•Radovan Karadzic also said that "Bolshevism is bad, but nationalism is even worse."

Radovan Karadzic Early Career

•After completing Radovan Karadzic graduation in Psychiatry, Radovan Karadzic joined a treatment centre at the psychiatric clinic of Sarajevo hospital in Kosevo.
•There are evidences that Radovan Karadzic often earned money by generating false medical and psychological evaluations to healthcare workers.
•In 1983, Radovan Karadzic joined a hospital in the Belgrade suburb of Vozdovac.
•Radovan Karadzic somehow managed a loan from an agricultural-development fund and misused the money to build his houses in Pale, above Sarajevo.
•It later transformed into ski resort for Communist establishment.

Legal Hassle

•Radovan Karadzic was arrested in 1984 for fraud.
•Radovan Karadzic had to spend 11 months in imprisonment.
•Radovan Karadzic was bailed by his friend Nikola Koljevic.
•Due to lack of testimony, Radovan Karadzic was released and trial stopped.
•The trial was again started in 1985 and Radovan Karadzic was sentenced to three years in prison for embezzlement, fraudulent appropriation of funds or property.

Radovan Karadzic Political Move

•In 1989 Radovan Karadzic founded the Serbian Democratic Party in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
•The aim of the party was to assemble the Republic's Bosnian Serb community to join Croatian Serbs.
•It would help them in struggle of being part of Yugoslavia.
•A separate Serb Assembly was founded in 1991.
•The assembly was formed to especially represent the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The major Serb political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina was headed by Radovan Karadžić.
•Radovan Karadzic organized the creation of "Serb autonomous provinces" (SAOs) within Bosnia and the formation and development of an assembly to represent them.
•On 28 February 1992, the constitution of the Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was formed.
•It explicitly, declared that the state's territory included Serb autonomous regions, municipalities, and other Serbian ethnic entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was supposed to be a part of the federal Yugoslav state.

Radovan Karadzic guilt Actions

•Karadžić is guilty of numerous war crimes committed against non-Serbs, when Radovan Karadzic was serving as Supreme Commander of the Bosnian Serb armed forces and President of the National Security Council of the Republika Srpska.
•Radovan Karadzic was responsible for the deaths of more than 7500 Muslims.
•Five steps of crimes by humiliating humanity and these are as below:

  • extermination,
  • murder,
  • persecutions on the grounds of racial, political and religious
  • Inhumane acts.

•Three types of actions going against the law of war and these are as below:

  • Murder
  • Illegally spreading terror among the civilians,
  • Making hostages.

•One count of grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions: willful killing.
•Illegal shifting of civilians due to national or religious identity.
•The United States government offered a $5 million reward for his arrest.

Literally Contribution

•Radovan Karadzic published poems.
•Several books were published while Radovan Karadzic was in hiding.

  • 1990: Crna bajka
  • 1992: Rat u Bosni: kako je počelo
  • 1994: Ima čuda, nema čuda
  • 2001: Od Ludog koplja do Crne bajke
  • 2004: Čudesna hronika noći
  • 2005: Pod levu sisu veka