Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe Birth Details

Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born on February 21, 1924. Robert Mugabe was born in Matibiri village in the Zvimba District of Salisbury in Rhodesia.

Importance of Robert Mugabe

•Robert Mugabe is a politician of Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe was the head of government elected in 1980.
•Robert Mugabe served as Prime Minister from 1980 to 1987 and ranked as the first executive President since 1987.
•Robert Mugabe is an extrovert, contentious and polarizing personalities.
•Robert Mugabe relationship with the United Kingdom has been particularly controversial.
•Robert Mugabe is identified as an aggressive dictator in the British press.
•In turn Robert Mugabe condemns the British establishment as incorrigible colonialists.
•Since the run-off election of 2008 Robert Mugabe authority as president has been questioned.
•The G8 nations released a declaration on 8th July marking his government as “illegitimate.”

Robert Mugabe Earlier Life

•Robert Mugabe had two elder siblings and one younger. Both his older brothers died in the early age. Robert Mugabe and his younger brother, Donato were left. Robert Mugabe father was Gabriel Mugabe Matibiri. Robert Mugabe was a carpenter.
•In 1934, Robert Mugabe abandoned the Mugabe family in search of work.
•Robert Mugabe was a Roman Catholic.
•Robert Mugabe studied in Marist Brothers and Jesuit schools.
•His college was the Kutama College, headed by an Irish priest. In his teens
•Mugabe use to spend most of his time with the priests or his mother.
•Robert Mugabe was fond of reading in the school's libraries.
•Robert Mugabe was not interested in playing with the other children but likes his own company.
•Robert Mugabe left to study at Fort Hare in South Africa and completed his graduation in 1951.
•Robert Mugabe met contemporaries such as Julius Nyerere, Herbert Chitepo, Robert Sobukwe and Kenneth Kaunda.
•After this Robert Mugabe studied at Oxford University in 1952, Salisbury in 1953, Gwelo in 1954, and Tanzania in 1955–1957.

Robert Mugabe Political career

•Robert Mugabe gained fame in 1960s when Robert Mugabe became the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU).
•Mugabe also suffered for many years as a political prisoner in Rhodesia.
•Robert Mugabe aim was to change white minority-rule with a one-party Marxist government.
•In 1976, Robert Mugabe moved from Rhodesia to join the Zimbabwe Liberation Struggle in Mozambique.
•When the war ended in 1979, Robert Mugabe emerged as a hero by Africans.
•As a result Robert Mugabe won the general elections of 1980.
•It was for the first time that the majority of black Africans participated in voting despite the violent intimidation by the militant freedom fighters.
•Robert Mugabe then elected the first Prime Minister of black-ruled Zimbabwe.
•The early years of his regime saw killings on the Ndebele tribe in the Matabeleland and Midlands of Zimbabwe.
•Later his rule and course of action started receiving domestic and international condemnation.
•Robert Mugabe government also intervenes in the Second Congo War in which the government seizes thousands of white-owned farms, printed hundreds of trillions of Zimbabwean dollars resulting in hyperinflation.
•The party was accused of harassing and threatening political opponents, mainly members of the Movement for Democratic Change.
•Zimbabwe's economy failed with food and oil shortage and with large scale emigration. Robert Mugabe’s policies were criticized as racist against Zimbabwe's white minority.
•Robert Mugabe has explained his critics as "born again colonialists."
•Robert Mugabe and his followers claim Zimbabwe’s problems are the legacies are the legacy of imperialism.

Recent move of Robert Mugabe

•In the 2008 elections, Robert Mugabe lost the first round to the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, 43% to 48%.
•Both the candidate could not secure the 50% obligatory to avoid a runoff election.

Robert Mugabe Personal life

•Robert Mugabe’s first wife was Sally Hayfron.
•Sally Hayfron died in 1992 from a chronic kidney disease
•Sally Hayfron gave birth to a son, Nhamodzenyika on 27 September 1963. Robert Mugabe also did not survive and died in 1966 due to cerebral malaria.
•Robert Mugabe was in prison at that time.
•Later, Robert Mugabe married his secretary, Grace Marufu.
•Grace Marufu was 40 years junior to him and already had two children, when Robert Mugabe married Grace Marufu on August 17, 1996.
•Robert Mugabe married Grace Marufu in a Roman Catholic wedding Mass at Kutama College.
•It was the Catholic mission school where Robert Mugabe studied.
•Nelson Mandela attended the wedding. 

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