National Penuche Day 2017

What is Penuche?

Penuche is basically a yummy fudge flavor made from brown sugar, butter, and milk. A fudge is homemade candy, and very simple to make. Anyone can make fudge. It uses only flavor of vanilla. Penuche color is lighter than regular fudge. It is made by the caramelization of brown sugar and so its taste is similar to the reminiscent of caramel. Variety of nuts can be added as per the taste especially pecans. It is a chief regional food of New England and some places United States also. But it is more difficult to prepare the traditional chocolate fudge.

When is National Penuche Day celebrated?

There is a national Penuche day celebrated on July 22, every year.

How is National Penuche Day celebrated?

On the National Penuche Day there are many variety and flavors of fudges available in the confectionary stores. The National Penuche Day is celebrated with joy and fervor in the whole nation. It is celebrated mostly in western countries. People wish “Happy penuche fudge day to each other.” Women try to make traditional as well as the new fudge recipes to woo there children and families. Confectioners decorate the fudge with variety of ingredients like nuts; dry fruits etc. and make an effort to cook tastier as well as delicious looking fudge. Lovers of fudge are all over the world and they enjoy the day full-fledged with yummy fudges and wine.

Recipe of Penuche

Tales of recipe

Nowadays, it has become common in some places to add maple syrup to the recipe for penuche fudge. Some confectioners name this as "maple syrup penuche fudge." This new recipe is gaining popularity. Penuche is also liked as a boiled icing flavor. It used to be very popular in Hawaii where the name was given as “Panocha.” It was commonly used as topping for prune cake. Other names for Penuche are Noochie and creamy praline fudge.

Ingredients required

Ingredients to cook a penuche are:

  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 1 cup water (or milk, cream, or evaporated milk if desired)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup nutmeats
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 Tablespoon butter


•Slowly stir the brown sugar until it is dissolved.
•Add water and salt to the dissolved sugar.
•Boil brown sugar, water, and salt without stirring to form soft balls Add butter.
•Place saucepan containing the candy mixture in cold water.
•When saucepan is cooled, beat the candy until smoothens.
•Add vanilla and nutmeats.
•Pour candy on wax paper or oiled pan and cut into squares.
•It is good in taste and lighter tan regular fudge.

National Penuche Day 2017