National Chocolate Wafer Day 2017


Today there are world days and national days for almost everything, to strength the importance of a particular thing. Similarly we have a chocolate wafer day so that the chocolates prepared all over the world are not ignored. The day is 4th of September every year and various fun events are organized worldwide. One of the most planned and emphasizing fun events is the annual chocolate festival in the UK. National chocolate wafer day allows a chance to roll around in the chocolate pit. People can try some chocolate massages on National chocolate wafer day. One can taste and purchase various chocolate recipes and varieties on National chocolate wafer day.

Celebration Mode

In the month of September, there is also an annual National Chocolate Festival in Plymouth, UK and some other cities. There are many sites on the internet, which are specially meant for chocolates. They provide interesting content for the lovers of chocolate. They make available various information about several kinds of chocolates, its past story and time of its origin. It also tells various weird things which can be done with chocolate for sheer fun. There is mention of different films on different types of chocolate, chocolate games, chocolate house andchocolate holiday ideas, thus increasing the traffic to the site.Most of the chocolate making websites are organic website, which are developing more during the coming time

Special features

Today the chocolate production involves benefit of chocolate health wise and explores possible methods in order to keep the taste enjoyable in a less calorie.Too much of chocolate is bad for health but chocolates are undoubtedly psychologically beneficial to beat the depression, if taken under limited amounts.Dark chocolates are healthy if taken in small amounts.People are free to give there suggestions and preferences. You can know the best suited chocolate and amount of calories in it, to your health.

Celebration of the day in various ways

World biggest manufacturing companies invite people to join them for the World Chocolate Day. On 4th of September in each year, there is a treat which symbolizes this day as the mode of relaxation and enjoyment. During the eventide, indulge yourself with the mood of an ice-tea or hot coffee and can take a chill pill with the glass of red wine. One can also bring your favorite chocolate cake, chocolate bar, or candy. You can just take a chill pill and plan about the positive aspects of your life. World Chocolate day is a day celebrated to reflect and appreciate the positive aspects in ones life and also for applauding the taste of chocolate. The coming National Chocolate Wafer Day will be celebrated on 3rd July 2016.

Tips for celebration

There are several fun and frolic which people can do with the chocolate. These funs can become enjoyable alone or in a couple on that day. There are a several items with which you can enjoy and become playful. Chocolate-opoly is known to be Monopoly board with different types of treats of chocolate for the people who play. Russian roulette with chocolate is another game. Couples at their cozy nook can experience different games, which includes melted chocolates or chocolatesauce. People who are fond of traveling as well as chocolates will enjoy the plan of Chocolate Travel for celebrating the day.

Some ideas for chocolate travel include: o Taking a part in workshop where chocolate making is done o Making a trip on a factory of Swiss chocolate making o Preparing a massage made of chocolate on a health farm o Arranging for a trip on a chocolate cruise o Going on a cocoa farm.

Movie on the chocolate

There are various good movies involving chocolate. There is a popular chocolate movie “Like Water for Chocolate”. This movie is Mexican. It released in the year 1992 This movie won numerous International awards. It actually combines food and love. The Director was directed by Alfonso Arau. The movie is the story of a young lady who attains freedom from her family through her love of chocolate. Cadburys World is a place in England. Cadburys who are owned by Schweppes have created this chocolatetheme park. The chocolate theme park has 2 newly created attractions -'Essence' and 'Purple Planet'. The place is located near Birmingham in England and the route can be found on the Cadburys World official site. Cadburys chocolate is being manufactured since the early 19th century. It was initiated by John Cadbury who opened a shop in the centre of Birmingham in England.

National Chocolate Wafer Day 2017