National Apple Turnover Day 2017

When is National Apple Turnover Day celebrated?

July 5 is celebrated as the National Apple Turnover Day in The world.

How is National Apple Turnover Day celebrated?

  • National Apple Turnover Day is celebrated with variety of recipe preparations of Apple.
  • There are get-togethers and competitions held to celebrate the day.
  • The ethnic diversity of the United States presents an extensive and delicious array of unique American foods on the day.
  • Almost all the months have days, proclaimed as National Food holidays.
  • Most of the states in United States have also officially recognized food symbols. 

Most challenging recipe

  • National Apple Turnover Day is a challenging day for all the chefs and cooks in America. 
  • With apple turnovers, the most challenging task is the method of preparing the pastry crust.
  • If a readymade puff pastry which is frozen in condition is used, then the apple turnovers look pretty.
  • If a butter crust made in home is used, which is simple to make, pastry taste becomes wonderful.
  • It may be with flakes, but it may not be stuffed with layers to make it puffy.
  • Sometimes people use their own homemade puff pastry dough.
  • It requires skills and methods and it is not as easy like pie dough which is made in home, but one genuinely lip-smacking pastry when it gets prepared.
  • One can choose either pie crust which is made with butter at home, or a puff pastry sheet which is frozen to make apple turnovers. 
  • But it is believed that the butter crust which is made at home is more useful in compare to the puff pastry which is frozen, though it is comparatively more time taking.
  • The center of the apple turnovers are made up of apples, apple sauce, walnuts, dried currants, cinnamonand a little sugar vanilla and many other ingredients as per the taste can be used.

When is apple turnover served?

  • Apple turnovers may be served in snacks, breakfast, or school lunch programs.
  • The optimal quality apple turnovers are stored frozen and never refrigerated.
  • Apple turnovers can be stored frozen for up to six months.
  • But the apple turnovers have a 4 day shelf life.
  • So apple turnovers are the best if used within six months of production.

Preservation of apple turnover

  • There are many important measures while preservation and distribution, if not taken care of, can shorten the useful life of a product of apple turnover, such as improper handling and inadequate storage temperatures.
  • The inventory control method of “first-in-first-out” should be followed properly by the organization responsible for managing commodity inventories and distribution to the State and local level.
  • Products kept past the “Best If used by” dates are not always spoiled.
  • Food products may also be consumed after the “Best If Used By” date if the product has been properly stored and handled, and the primary container is in good condition.
National Apple Turnover Day 2017