Leon Day Birthday (October 30th)

Leon Day Birthday (October 30th)

Leon Day as the name suggests its not actually a day of the week or year but it is actually the name of a very famous baseball player.

Leon Day Birth Details

Leon Day was born on 30th October in the year 1916 at the city of Alexandria in Virginia.

Leon Day Personal Life

  • Leon Day was a right handed player or rather pitcher.
  • His father Ellis was a worker in the glass factory.
  • Being the fifth child out of six children he was very fond of games specially baseball.
  • While he was young his family moved to Mt. Winans that was near to Baltimore, Maryland.

Leon Day Early Activities 

  • Leon Day as a young boy, used to climb fences to see games of the local Negro League team, the Baltimore Black Sox.
  • After visiting the church every Sunday he used to play with the local teams
  • He left his studies when he was 17 years old to join the then famous team called The Baltimore Black Sox.
  • This team was a professional Baseball team that played out of Baltimore, Maryland in the Negro Leagues.
  • Negro Leagues was actually the American Baseball Leagues that usually comprised of African-American teams.
  • His mother died in the year 1934 after which he left the Baltimores just to be a part of the Brooklyn Eagles.
  • Brooklyn Eagles, was founded by Abey Manley and his wife Effa Manley when they bought the Newark Dodgers and merged all the teams.
  • He was paid a monthly salary of 50 dollars.
  • He stayed with the Eagles till the early 1940s.

Leon Day Achievement

  • Leon Day was an extremely outstanding baseball player.
  • In 1935, Leon Day played in the Latin American team.
  • He showed his talent in the year 1937 while playing for Newark Eagles for his fastball.
  • From then onwards till the year 1955, he kept on playing for various teams.
  • Not only had this but between all this he also served the US Army in the Second World War
  • He also worked as a bartender, a security guard.
  • After showing his eminent skills in baseball he said a final bye to baseball in the year 1955.
  • In the year 1995 Leon Day was chosen to be honored with the Baseball Hall of Fame and immediately just six days later Day died of a heart attack in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • He was at the age of 78.
  • He almost lived his life playing baseball.
  • He was chosen as the 12th Hall of Famers chosen in the Negro League category.
  • He was the 7th to be selected while he was still living after people like Paige, Buck Leonard, and Irvin who were in their early seventies and others like them.
  • He is still remembered and will be always be.