Lambeth Bridge

Lambeth bridge is situated in London city on the banks of the Thames river. Bridge is a link between two cities-Lambeth and Westminster. Convenience of the bridge makes life of the people living in these two cities interconnected.

Lambeth Bridge is situated on the place on an earliest land point that was in use as far back as the 13th century. Landing point was used to be given the king on state event or the ritual occasion by the imperial families. In 1664 consent to build the actual bridge connecting Lambeth and Westminster was initially required by the assembly and a bill was passed for it. Because before that, to connect these two cities the only way was ship .The ship sank many times. Two such incidents were - first in 1633 ship of Archbishop Laud’s, & in 1656 Oliver Cromwell's both ships sank in the river. The proposal of the bridge was opposed by Archbishop because the ferry (ship) worked among these two (Lambeth and west Minster) was managed by them. The approval for building the Lambeth Bridge came in 1809. But there was an inadequate fund to construct it so it seems that bill will finally failed. But in 1860 another bill was passed and adequate funds was arranged to construct the bridge a company. P.W. Barlow designed it and again opened it in 1862. 


In the beginning The Bridge charged a tax. Those were eliminated in 1879. But one problem raised as it had rusted and became risky. Maintenance had carried in 1887.After five years resolution to reconstruct the bridge was made but that was also a fail. Weight limit on means of transportation was imposed in 1905, the same time as gates were put up at both ends to control the number of pedestrians. But all in vain and after some years the bridge was banned to vehicles overall. 

Construction of the new bridge: 

In 1929 an impermanent bridge was build to cross the river and the repair work was started. Bridge was planned by engineer George Humphreys and Dorman Long built it. This latest link was geared up of steel and unbreakable material, with elegant granite facings. Now it was 60ft wide 776 ft long with a middle width of 165 ft. at first, decoration was limited to the parapets and light standards, but in 1932 when it was to be inaugurated by King George V and Queen Mary on 19July, some more decoration was done in order to give bridge beautiful look. This work symbolized Friendship and generosity. To commemorate its closeness to the Houses of assembly, Bridge is highlighted red as the color of the parliament was also red. 


The four lanes traffic became three lane one lane for buses, they takes northwards a roundabout for going Lambeth Palace this round about is on Milbank road and it joins here with Horse ferry Road this road’s name reminds earlier way of the river crossing ferry (ship) .John Tradescant the man who first grown pineapple in Britain, a tribute was given to him by surmounted artificial pineapples on each side of the crossing 

How some inflectional persons linked with Lambeth the place where bridge is situated -
  • Edward Thomas monumental record refer that he was born here.
  • Scott Parker a football player born here
  • A devout, poet , artist name-William Blake
  • Scott Parker - professional footballer for West Ham United FC, born in Lambeth
  • William Blake - religious visionary, poet and artist
  • Carl McCoy - front man for gothic rock band Fields of the Nehalem, born here in 1963
  • Carl Mc Coy a band man of Gothic Rock born in 1963
  • Edward Thomas the poet
  • Royal Dolton a pottery company was founded here
  • Charlie Chaplin born in 1889 here
  • Elias Ash mole an alchemist died in 1692
Bridges given view of - 
  • East side –1) Lambeth Palace, 2) Albert Embankment, 3) St. Thomas' Hospital 3) International Maritime Organization
  • West side-1) Thames House 2) Abel House 3) Milbank Tower 4) Tate Britain
  • In north Westminster’s palace ,Horse ferry road
  • Victoria gardens, The house of parliament
In Hollywood – 

In the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban there was a scene in which the Knight Bus passes in middle of two Route masters on the bridge.